Archive | 2.33
1 Mar
Account Buy In Cash Stock Profit/Loss Percentage
Itrade Margin 17652.35 66.80 25694.31 +8108.76 45.93%
Questrade Margin 10000.00 (8121.45) 23374.00 +5252.55 52.52%
Questrade TFSA 15000.00 146.00 16030.00 +1176.00 7.84%
Questrade RSP 10000.00 283.00 9897.00 +180.00 1.80%
Total 52652.35 -7625.65 74995.31 +14717.31 27.95%

Notes:  I maxed out my QT TFSA to $15000.  Added $3000 to my QT RSP.  Added $5000 to my QT Margin

Bad Seeds

1 Mar

Noront Resources Ltd. and UC Resources Ltd. are a couple of bad seeds in my portfolio.  Yes, I’m holding them still.  I’ve spread the bad seed (UC) to my QT RSSP and TFSA account.  Both of my accounts are suffering based on my bad decision by adding more position at a higher price.  I’ve done the same with Noront…by adding it to my RRSP, but luckily I manage to get out of that one with no real damage.

Current Holdings
NOT:  Original Investment $4300.00 -$2720.00 current loss
Notes:  I watched it go from a profit of $900 to negative $2720, hard to swallow.

UC:  Original Investment $5230.36-$820.36 current loss
Notes:  Volume is very low, I will have a hard time getting rid of my 49,000 shares.

Plan of action:  I might have to take my current losses to make my portfolio stronger as a whole.