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Selling Spree

9 Mar

Rule#1:  Never ever listen thy brother!
My brother has been a money pit.  Everything that comes out of his mouth is worthless piece of crap.  So I sold EPO at a loss of $1075 + commissions in my QT TFSA!

Rule#2:  Never add onto a position of a stagnant penny stock!
I wished I never heard of Noront Resources and UC Resources.  Anyways, I finally managed to sell some of my UC shares @ 9 cents in my QT RSP and TFSA.  I haven’t even calculated my losses yet.

Rule#3:  Sell it or it will come back and haunt you!
I bought CLF and POT and they both had a spectacular run.  I had about a 5-8% gain on those two, yet I didn’t sell them at a profit.  Now, it’s come back below my buy in price.  Still holding it, but I wished I had sold them just a day or two ago…