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Missing in Action

23 Mar

Such horrid two weeks of my stock life!  Patience is virtue.  To say the least, I was on a tear!  I was emotional wreck… giving into the sell-offs.  Not a pleasant feeling to watch my gains become losses. 

Update:  Sold off all my stocks in my TFSA at a considerable loss which was offset by a significant gain of one lone stock.  Thus it was break even.  I replaced those stocks with Agrium and Potash.  To say the least, I bought too soon.. there were more down slide during that week.  It was turbulant.  I had losses up to my neck… but I hung in there knowing these two are power houses. 

Current Positions:
AGU -$183 loss
POT +$50 gain

If I only waited it out, I could have gotten them for cheap.  But I tend to act quickly.

I’m looking at Netflx… Nice daily volume with lots of upside potential… Given you know when to buy in.