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Re-Entered IPL.UN

8 Apr

How depressing, if I only know how to sell before the sell off.  Anyways, I got caught in the downward spiral again in my TFSA.  I sold off AGU and POT with dismal gains, maybe $200 vs $1000 I dunno I’m not keeping track of it. 

Anyhoo, I replaced them with IPL.UN.  An old darling which I shouldn’t have let go to begin with.  I sold out last month but it gained more than a buck.  I probably lost like $600 in profits. 

IPL.UN – 900 shares @ 15.80 with a monthly distrbution of $72/mo

This time, I’m going to hold it for a while and not trade penny stocks hahaha….. my major downfall in my TFSA account.  Lesson be learned!


Call me crazy?

6 Apr

Ah, what do I do when my stocks is falling?

I go and buy two technology companies on MARGIN.  Who hasn’t heard of Blackberry and Iphones these days?  Even though I don’t own either, most people do!  My sis and her husband are the Iphone couple.  My bro and his girlfriend are the Blackerry couple.  

RIM- 200 shares @ $53.40
AAPL- 20 shares @ $338.10

I don’t plan on holding these two for long.. once I hit my $200-400 in capital gains for each stock.  AAPL will probably take some time actually.  I don’t see this thing jumping $10-20 overnight.  But with RIM, I just need it to make that little $1-2 pop and I will opt out of my position quickly.

2 Apr

Summary of Events:

1)  Added $10,000 to Questrade Margin account.
2) Sold off my stocks in my Questrade TFSA account at a mere $276.04 gain.  Penny stocks such as EPO and UC killed basically all my profits I had from before.
3) Down 4.28% from last month

Account Buy In Cash Stock Profit/Loss Percentage
Itrade Margin 17652.35 95.98 25893.67 +8337.30 47.23%
Questrade Margin 20000.00 1924.13 23193.99 +5116.79 25.58%
Questrade TFSA 15000.00 1020.82 14735.00 +755.00 5.03%
Questrade RSP 10000.00 2030.42 8595.00 +625.00 6.25%
Total 62652.35 5071.35 72417.66 +14834.09 23.67%