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Call me crazy?

6 Apr

Ah, what do I do when my stocks is falling?

I go and buy two technology companies on MARGIN.  Who hasn’t heard of Blackberry and Iphones these days?  Even though I don’t own either, most people do!  My sis and her husband are the Iphone couple.  My bro and his girlfriend are the Blackerry couple.  

RIM- 200 shares @ $53.40
AAPL- 20 shares @ $338.10

I don’t plan on holding these two for long.. once I hit my $200-400 in capital gains for each stock.  AAPL will probably take some time actually.  I don’t see this thing jumping $10-20 overnight.  But with RIM, I just need it to make that little $1-2 pop and I will opt out of my position quickly.