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Re-Entered IPL.UN

8 Apr

How depressing, if I only know how to sell before the sell off.  Anyways, I got caught in the downward spiral again in my TFSA.  I sold off AGU and POT with dismal gains, maybe $200 vs $1000 I dunno I’m not keeping track of it. 

Anyhoo, I replaced them with IPL.UN.  An old darling which I shouldn’t have let go to begin with.  I sold out last month but it gained more than a buck.  I probably lost like $600 in profits. 

IPL.UN – 900 shares @ 15.80 with a monthly distrbution of $72/mo

This time, I’m going to hold it for a while and not trade penny stocks hahaha….. my major downfall in my TFSA account.  Lesson be learned!