Stock Diaries

24 May

Summary since I last posted.

1.)  Itrade Margin-  One trade:  UC Resources at a $119.99 loss.  Highlights:  GQ Metals Inc. is a superstar thus the surge in overall profits in the portfolio.
2.)  QT Margin-  Added $15,000.  Bad Mistakes:  RIM at $1,489.90 loss plus some other unnotable stocks turning my profits to negative.  Taking on more risks than what I intended by doubling down on POT and CLF, still holding at a loss on Margin.
3.)  QT TFSA-  Only stock in portfolio:  IPL.UN holding steady with $540.00 gain plus monthly $72 distributions.
4.)  QT RSP-  Impatient with a couple of unit trusts as they were making a landslide.  Plus one quick mistake that almost wiped out all profits.  Looking to add a unit trust for long-term hold.

Account Buy In Cash Stock Profit/Loss Percentage
Itrade Margin 17652.35 746.81 30135.10 +13229.56 74.94%
QT Margin 35000.00 (11790.52) 47885.00 +1094.48 3.12%
QT TFSA 15000.00 1274.77 14760.00 +1034.77 6.89%
QT RSP 10000.00 8067.60 2115.40 +177.00 1.77%
Total 77652.35 (1701.34) 94895.50 +15535.81 23.67%

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