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I apologize…

17 Aug

For not keeping an up-to-date record on my stock portfolio.  My current portfolio took a big hit in the last few weeks and I’ve been on the down low on most part.  I admit it, I’ve made some bad trades in 2011.

QT Margin Account:

Stock Bought: $110,835.49
Stock Sold: $112070.66
Capital Gain:  $1235.17 Percentage Gain: 1.11%

I’ve made a total of 15 trades.  Some trades were made on Margin so not all the entire capital was my own money.  I could have made more but my greed got the best of me.  I didn’t sell when I had the chance, I was waiting for it to go higher, but it actually went the opposite way.  I watched it go from its high to its pathetic pit…  Lesson learned.  Pull the trigger and move on!

In the meantime, I’ve managed to pull in some distributions/dividends in my cash, RRSP, TFSA acccounts totalling $1615.49 to date.  I will keep all my higher paying stocks and let them grow.


Another Score for Craigslist

9 Aug

Recently, I’ve been searching for a smartphone called LG Optimus One after seeing an advertisement on Koodoo.  I wanted to buy the phone and use it on my Fido prepaid services.  For days, I’ve contacted numerous sellers on Craigslist, but without any sucess as I was lowballing from the asking price.

I happen to stumble across a post:  “Amazing $20/month Voice Plan with FREE Cell phone!” 


  • $20/month Voice Plan – 36 Month Term
  • 300 Daytime Minutes / 6pm Unlimited Evenings and Weekends
  • Voicemail / Call Display
  • 250 Outgoing Texts / Unlimited Incoming texts
  • Call waiting, Call forwarding, 3Way Calling
  • No activations Fees / No system access fees or 911 charges

Sweet deal, I emailed twice before the guy emails me back.  After researching, I decided on to get HTC Desire Z instead.  It’s loaded with all the features like an IPhone4.  So no complaints here!