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Top it off!

30 Sep

Well, September has proved to be a very volatile month.  Up and down… mostly down on my major stocks which is sending me into the biggest red zone ever!  Today, I’ve added another 100 @ 51.70/share in Cliff Natural Resources.  Might be a dumb move before the weekend, but after a big down turn, there’s bound to be a dead mouse bounce in the next day or two.  I’ll watch for it closely and sell with what little profit I make from it.

My biggest losers are CLF $-2,863.90, POT -1,709.90$, JE -1,231.90$, XFN -883.75$ in “paper” losses.  A total of $6689.45 in losses.  Wow, this is really one of my worst trades ever!  Maybe averaging down in this unstable markets is not such a great idea, but I’m hopeful there will be green pastures in the near horizons!



Averaging down on POT

28 Sep

To say the least, a strong rally yesterday doesn’t always transpire onto the next day.  A dip is an opening for you to either stand on the side lines or take a chance.  I decided to sell my IPL.UN (900 @ $16.13/share) in my QT TFSA.  Capital gain was $279 plus all the distributions I’ve collected thus far. 

Time for me to really step it up my TFSA.  I decided to use this money to average on my Potash (300 @ $47.00/share).  Previous buy was at 200 @ $51.75/share so there’s a $4.75 price difference.  My average price now is $48.90/share with 500 shares under my belt.  My hope is that tomorrow will be another green day so I can just sell for a quick profit.  If not, I’ll just hold until it has reared its head out of its pit.

Backing out of a Deal

27 Sep

After the dust have settled down, I am having second thoughts about a potential buy.  There’s too many variables that is undetermined in the future.  Either you got the guts to go in or don’t.  At the moment, maybe it’s a bit too premature to speak.

Real Estate in the Greater Vancouver Area

23 Sep

Real estate in Vancouver, BC has been really hot.  Rich foreign money are being poured into our housing market thus driving prices up to extraordinary highs. We are known to be one of the least affordable city to live in North America.  The prices are often too much for the average salary worker.  Sometimes, it doesn’t really make sense… our wages are definitely not keeping up with housing boom in Vancouver.  I only got a 4.5% raise this past year to keep up with inflation.  Everything in this city is expensive!!  Taxed heavily, consumer goods have also risen.  It’s hard to stay in Vancouver for sure!

There’s a prospective new condo going up just outside of Vancouver selling at reasonable prices compared to everywhere else.  But what’s the catch?  It’s located in New Westminster, prices there seems to be stagnant as there are a lot apartments, condominiums, and townhouses saturated across this city. However, it is ultra close to metro Vancouver without the hassle of a bridge like neighboring city, Surrey. The estimated completion date for this development will be approximately 18-24 months from this Fall, so you can expect the completion to be in 2013.

Here’s a little blurb about the new development going up:

“The 258 is the most affordable high-rise in New Westminster (and the Province) with 2 Bedrooms starting from an incredible $238,900…yes, $238,900…and yes, two bedrooms!The 258 is an incredibly modern, 16 storey concrete high-rise featuring stainless steel appliances, granite counter-tops, laminate flooring, exceptional outdoor and indoor amenity spaces including media rooms, party rooms, sky terraces, BBQ areas and some of the most spectacular views in New Westminster!!

Crashing Down!

22 Sep

Two big purchases in the last couple of days that came crashing down today.  Ironic isn’t it?  How I was sitting in cash this entire time only to buy at the least opportune time before the market comes crashing down.  An opportunist perhaps… well, now I’m stuck with these big losses.  I’ll just stand on the sidelines cheering for a rally.  Today of course would have been a great opportunity to load up.  It’s just I can’t, oh right, I just spent $20k on Potash and Cliff. 

Sometimes, it’s best to tread carefully in the volatile markets of the Stock Exchange.  When a little fear is instilled upon us, we start selling.  Am I going to sell my positions at a loss?  Nope.  I have no doubt it’ll come bouncing back to levels I bought it in.  Just a matter of patience is more like it.

This goes to show that I was hopeful jumping into the position knowing full well it might either make me really happy or backfire in my face.  Well, the eggs on me today!

Topping Up

21 Sep

Since my last trade in Cliffs Natural Resources Inc, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on this stock to re-enter my position.  For the last few days, it’s been taking a beating for some reason.  Today, it drop more than $5 per share in the early morning session, I decided it was time for me to pick up some shares.  200 @ $65.07.  I hope this is nearing the support where potential buyers see an opportunity to gobble up at these prices to drive up the price again. 

The last few trades I’ve made with Cliff has been somewhat successful:

  1. Bought at $92, Sold at $98
  2. Bought at $92, Sold at $98
  3. Bought at $86.60 & $71.85, Sold at $83

My new strategy of swing trading has been helping me lock in some gains. First opportunity I get, I’d sell my shares for a profit and move on.  If I had kept my orginal shares @ $92, I’d be stuck with a big lost with no opportunity to sell! 






Re-Entered Potash at $51.75

20 Sep

Fifteen minutes to closing, my coworker waltz to my desk telling me to add Potash to my position.  He already added 500 shares at $51.80.  So I followed suite and added 200 shares @ $51.75.  Potash on TSE ended up closing at $51.72, so I was off by a few cents. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a turnaround day! 

Side Note:  Visa climbed steadily after I sold out at $88.  Today, it jumped as high as $94.75 but ended up closing at $92.84.  I missed a few hundred bucks there!  But c’est la vie… you never know when a stock will turn on you.  Look at Netflix, it’s been nose diving since September 14th from $208.71 to $130.07.  That’s a big down silde within a matter of 5 trading days.  What is the bottom for NFLX?  As of now, it’s risky to get into it. 



Come Monday

19 Sep

Selling Pepsi on Friday proved to be a good move!  Today, it’s down another $1.50 and basically hoovering around my buy in price.  I missed my chance of selling Royal Bank that day.  Today, it’s holding up on its own, but I should have locked in my $200 gain on Friday when I had the chance earlier in the morning.  Now, it’s just a waiting game before I sell!

Notable mention:  Even though, today proved to be red across the stock market board.  Breaking the resistance, Starbucks is making a bullish run.  Up $2.08, it’s sitting nicely at $42.30 with 15 mins left in the trading day.  I’m up 115% on Starbucks!  We’ve been through ups and down, but what a remarkable run Starbucks have made since 2008.  I’m still holding as the buying season is just beginning.

Panick Sell of Pepsi

16 Sep

Yesterday, Pepsi was flying through the roof.  Today, it took a tumble.  So I decided to sell of what’s left of my profits which amounted to a mere $125.10.  If I had sold out yesterday at its high at $63.50, I would have made a cool $300 on the spot.  My greediness got the best of me again! 

All the stocks that I’m interested in like Costco is trading at is 52 week high.  I’m scared of jumping in and getting burned.  I will be patient and pounce on the next opportunity. 

Also, I let go of my ETF in real estate (Ticker: XRE) with a little profit of $15.40.  ETFs are too boring for me.  Currently, I’m holding another ETF in financials which is hurting my QT RSP portfolio with a loss of $846.57.  I am better off investing in the REAL banks.  That’s a big mistake on my part for investing a lump sum into XFN.  I’ll just wait for it to recover before I cut it off!

Quantities make all the difference!

15 Sep

Recently, I added Pepsi and Royal Bank to my Questrade Margin account.  Both are mega billion companies, both are trading at its 52 week lows which was a good entry point.  Of course, I didn’t catch them both at the lowest point if I had been more patient that is!

I was being a little careful with Pepsi, only adding 100 shares.  This proved to be a mistake as it made a nice jump these past couple days.  As for Royal Bank, I added 200 @ $46.37/share and it’s proving to be working out well for me thus far.  I am going to watch their progress and line up a resistant point before making my selling exit move.

The more quanities you buy… the more you can make in an instant.  Of course, there is the risk of losing money as well.  It goes well hand in hand. 

Side note:  I was looking into adding NFLX to my portfolio.  Today it took a BIG tumble $208 to $172.  Is this a good time to buy?  Or stay clear of a train wreck waiting to happen.  Netflix is a fast growing internet movie/tv show provider to households in North America.  Charging low monthly rates, they have gather millions of subscribers.  Their stock price have risen rapidly in the last few years.  Could this be a bubble burst to some shareholders who bought at their 52 week high of $305?