Motion in Check

7 Sep

First trade for September is sentimental for me.  Visa ipo’d in March 2008.  This roller coaster ride has seen a high of $96 to a low of $44.  I’ve been right there from the beginning where all the excitement loomed on the hot new stock.  Many people made comparisons of Visa to Mastercard where it climbed into the hundreds in a mere few years.  Today, Mastercard has done quite well.  It’s trading around $333.00 since it ipo’d at $45.  Through it all, I’ve stuck with Visa hoping it’ll break the hundred mark, but that never transpired.

Today I say goodbye to my Visa.  My buy in 100 @ $64.66/share and sold out 100 @ $88/share.  I realize now that the buy and hold method has ceased many opportunities for me to really capitalize on Visa or other stocks.  But there’s no looking backwards, only the next trade is what I thrive for now.

Stock count:  12 current stocks


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