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Cooling Down

9 Sep

Tip:  Sell early morning, Buy late afternoon.  Why?  Emotions run high in the early hours of trading thus the drive up or down in share prices.  After the dust has settled, you can swoop in to buy at a more attractrive, stable price.

Today, I added Pepsi to my portfolio:  100 @ $60.50/share.  However, I jumped in too early into the trading day thus missing my opportunity to get at an even lower price at $60.05.  Patience is virtue.

Also, averaged down in Just Energy:  200 @ $12.65/share making my average cost 400 @ $13.075/share.  After my buy in, the share price took a nose dive and closed at $12.46.

Hopefully, these two buys on a very RED day will reap profits in the next few days!

Stock Count:  13 current stocks