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Re-Entered Potash at $51.75

20 Sep

Fifteen minutes to closing, my coworker waltz to my desk telling me to add Potash to my position.  He already added 500 shares at $51.80.  So I followed suite and added 200 shares @ $51.75.  Potash on TSE ended up closing at $51.72, so I was off by a few cents. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a turnaround day! 

Side Note:  Visa climbed steadily after I sold out at $88.  Today, it jumped as high as $94.75 but ended up closing at $92.84.  I missed a few hundred bucks there!  But c’est la vie… you never know when a stock will turn on you.  Look at Netflix, it’s been nose diving since September 14th from $208.71 to $130.07.  That’s a big down silde within a matter of 5 trading days.  What is the bottom for NFLX?  As of now, it’s risky to get into it.