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Crashing Down!

22 Sep

Two big purchases in the last couple of days that came crashing down today.  Ironic isn’t it?  How I was sitting in cash this entire time only to buy at the least opportune time before the market comes crashing down.  An opportunist perhaps… well, now I’m stuck with these big losses.  I’ll just stand on the sidelines cheering for a rally.  Today of course would have been a great opportunity to load up.  It’s just I can’t, oh right, I just spent $20k on Potash and Cliff. 

Sometimes, it’s best to tread carefully in the volatile markets of the Stock Exchange.  When a little fear is instilled upon us, we start selling.  Am I going to sell my positions at a loss?  Nope.  I have no doubt it’ll come bouncing back to levels I bought it in.  Just a matter of patience is more like it.

This goes to show that I was hopeful jumping into the position knowing full well it might either make me really happy or backfire in my face.  Well, the eggs on me today!