Averaging down on POT

28 Sep

To say the least, a strong rally yesterday doesn’t always transpire onto the next day.  A dip is an opening for you to either stand on the side lines or take a chance.  I decided to sell my IPL.UN (900 @ $16.13/share) in my QT TFSA.  Capital gain was $279 plus all the distributions I’ve collected thus far. 

Time for me to really step it up my TFSA.  I decided to use this money to average on my Potash (300 @ $47.00/share).  Previous buy was at 200 @ $51.75/share so there’s a $4.75 price difference.  My average price now is $48.90/share with 500 shares under my belt.  My hope is that tomorrow will be another green day so I can just sell for a quick profit.  If not, I’ll just hold until it has reared its head out of its pit.

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