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Top it off!

30 Sep

Well, September has proved to be a very volatile month.  Up and down… mostly down on my major stocks which is sending me into the biggest red zone ever!  Today, I’ve added another 100 @ 51.70/share in Cliff Natural Resources.  Might be a dumb move before the weekend, but after a big down turn, there’s bound to be a dead mouse bounce in the next day or two.  I’ll watch for it closely and sell with what little profit I make from it.

My biggest losers are CLF $-2,863.90, POT -1,709.90$, JE -1,231.90$, XFN -883.75$ in “paper” losses.  A total of $6689.45 in losses.  Wow, this is really one of my worst trades ever!  Maybe averaging down in this unstable markets is not such a great idea, but I’m hopeful there will be green pastures in the near horizons!