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Potash Mistake

31 Oct

I had a good gain of over $1000 in my QT TFSA for POT that I picked up 300 @ $47.00/share for the last week or so.  Of course, I always hold too long for gains.  It never lasts, eventually it kept on sliding downwards.

Today, POT came crashing down to around $47ish… I picked up another 200 @ $47.60/share (it went down as far as $47.40/share) to offset my sale at $49.95/share last week.  Hopefully, POT will make a roaring comeback.  Cross my fingers!!


Missed Chances

28 Oct

Looking back on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was the perfect opportunity to get back into stocks that I was looking at CLF, MA for USD stocks and LLL, TCK.B for CAD stocks.  But I was being iffy and didn’t want to take the chance.  On Thursday, all stocks across the board made a significant jump due to Euro debt situation being resolved.  Pulling my hair out as I missed the launch of some great gains. 

For now, I’m sitting on the sidelines with cash on hand… it’s kind of boring, but I don’t want to make the mistake of buying at its high! 

My two biggest losers right now are XFN down $647.15 and JE down $834.00, both of them do pay a monthly dividend of about $70/mo.  BMO and MFC have made some lead way back to my buy in price.  Once they have reached into profitability, I’m selling those in a heartbeat!

October is coming to an end… I made my quota for $500/mo profit 🙂  Maybe I should set my sights on a higher profit.  Better not get ahead of myself now!

Quickest Trade Ever!

26 Oct

Alright!  Here’s the deal.  I took my 12 cents and ran away from Shaw (SJR.B).  I didn’t want to be stuck in that position too long.  I have this fear that it might dip below my buy in price of $19.83. 

Start of the trading day, it dropped to $19.60 and made a come back to $20.03.  Soon after, it began slidding to $19.90.  I didn’t want to see a drop later on, so I set my sell price at $19.95!  I profited $26.10 from this trade.  I only held it since yesterday’s day end till today’s morning.  Just a couple of hours.  This is a new record for me!

See how cut throat I am!!  Chipping away a little bit at a time.  I’ve made stupid mistakes as well…

Bored… decided to buy Shaw

25 Oct

Probably not the best strategy on my part, but I had a big balance sitting in my QT Margin account screaming for attention.  I decided to buy SJR.B 300 @ $19.83/share.  It’s been beaten down a bit for the last few days, it might even go down even more from my buy in price.  Looking at the charts, the price fluctuation doesn’t give you much of a heart attack.  Plus it pays 7.6667 cents per month.  This will be somewhat a longer term hold unless share price takes a spike to $21.00-22.00, then I’ll make my exit. 

This will be a boring stock to hold, but with a regular dividend of $23.00 per month coming into my pocket ($276 per year, it beats sitting in a savings account at 2% which pays $118.98)… I will surely make some money out of this stock in a few months or longer maybe!

Sleepy Morning Trade Mistake

24 Oct

I am not happy with myself!

Woke up this morning wanting to sell my Royal Bank stock in mind, I had two limit sells in my Questrade Margin account that was in placed already for Potash and Royal Bank.  There were both set at a higher sell limit, so the orders didn’t go through.  Not paying much attention, I accidently selected POT and set my price limit at $47.65 and it sold 200 @ $49.95 with a loss of $369.90 which I did not intend to do!  That was suppose to be for my RY sell limit!

After realizing my mistake, I’ve managed to sell my RY 200 @ $47.63 with a small gain of $241.40 plus dividends of $108.00.  RY opened at a lower price from Friday as I had expected since it went ex-dividend today.  Time for me to sell and move on.

Now, I have like $20937.50 CAD and $15872.44 USD cash sitting in my Questrade Margin account.  What to do with it… market seems to be holding out steady for these last few weeks. 

My next sell target is BMO sitting in my Questrade RSP account… ex-dividend is on Oct 28th, price is starting to creep up to my original buy in price.  Execute and sell with precision!


Banking on Dividends

21 Oct

Time for me to bank in those dividends!  Royal Bank is going ex-dividend on Oct 24th.  BMO is also going ex-dividend on Oct 28th. 

I also held these two banks back in the summer time where they also declared dividends, I managed to collect $54 in dividends from Royal Bank and sell for a tiny profit at $15.75.  This proved to be a smart play as Royal Bank took a dip in share price in the next couple months.  On Sept 13th, I managed to picked up 200 @ $46.37/share.  Today, it’s trading at $47.89/share, I will try to sell Royal Bank come Monday so I can pick up my $108 in dividends and hopefully a nice little gain as well.

As for BMO, I wasn’t as lucky to sell off when I had the chance.  On June 7th, I bought in 100 @ $60.60/share.  I did collect $70 in dividends, but missed a few chances to sell at a gain.  So I’ve been holding that stock till now.  Today, it’s trading at $59.27, down about $133.00.  A little off my mark, but I made a few good bucks from BMO before.  Can’t wait to collect another $70 from them.

I just noticed that BMO market share is smaller than Bank of Nova Scotia.  This is a very big surprise to me as BNS isn’t that big of a bank.  You don’t see them too often in the city.  I wonder why that is… 

Time for me to look into other healthy dividend investments!

Re-Cap of September Trades

14 Oct
CLF 200 15,854.90 16,594.73 739.83 4.67%
POT 100 5,165.00 5,705.05 540.05 10.46%
V 100 6,466.00 8,516.44 2,050.44 31.71%
LIF.UN 200 7,094.95 7,595.05 500.1 7.05%
PEP 100 6,054.95 6,180.05 125.1 2.07%
XRE 140 2,064.25 2,079.65 15.4 0.75%
NOT 2000 4,340.00 820.01 (3,519.99) -81.11%
    47,040.05 47,490.98 450.93 0.96%

Overall, I did well in my trades.  However, I grew tired of a long standing eye sore which was NOT.  When it hit bottom at 42 cents, I hit the sell button.  It since has gone up to 52 cents.  Due to my impatience, I lost out a couple hundred bucks.  All those years of holding that stock came to nothing really.  False hopes.  I used CLF to regain recoup my losses in NOT. 

NOT and CLF had a history back in the day when both were trying to take over a smaller mining company in the Ring of Fire up in Ontario.  Phospate was the talk of the town.  CLF won the battle and NOT ultimately failed to deliver while CLF soared as a billion dollar company.  I’ve traded CLF this past year and managed to make some decent gain of about $3250 in profits.

Positive Sell for CLF

14 Oct

My first trade of October seems to be in the right direction.  Once again, I sold CLF at a gain of $1347.13 less $14.85 in commissions.  CLF proved to be a good play.  I just wished I had gobbled up more shares at the bottom.  With good solid financial background in this company, I had faith it would make a come back.  This was a good play by averaging down when I was deep in the RED. 

Trade History:

  • Bought 200 @ $65.07/share, I averaged down another 100 @ $51.70/share.  I should have averaged down more when prices took a tumble to $47.31/share.  But I was scared shit with over $3000 in the red.
  • Set a limit sale 300 @ $65.10/share:  Sold 255 @ $65.10/share and 45 @$65.125/share



What a difference a week makes!

11 Oct

My last post which was on September 30th, I was all doom and gloom.  My biggest losers were CLF $-2,863.90 and POT -1,709.90$.  Today, they both have climbed out of the red.  Thanks mostly to some averaging down acts I’ve set forth.  How long will this upward trend last? 

Decision time:  Should I hold longer or should I sell for a small profit? 

I am still hopefull for greener pastures in the long run.