What a difference a week makes!

11 Oct

My last post which was on September 30th, I was all doom and gloom.  My biggest losers were CLF $-2,863.90 and POT -1,709.90$.  Today, they both have climbed out of the red.  Thanks mostly to some averaging down acts I’ve set forth.  How long will this upward trend last? 

Decision time:  Should I hold longer or should I sell for a small profit? 

I am still hopefull for greener pastures in the long run.

One Response to “What a difference a week makes!”

  1. cokedrunk October 17, 2011 at 2.33 #

    Maybe sell the amount of stocks that you average down with at least. To get your Adjusted cost basis down. Just in case it dips back down to the level where you average down at.

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