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Re-Cap of September Trades

14 Oct
CLF 200 15,854.90 16,594.73 739.83 4.67%
POT 100 5,165.00 5,705.05 540.05 10.46%
V 100 6,466.00 8,516.44 2,050.44 31.71%
LIF.UN 200 7,094.95 7,595.05 500.1 7.05%
PEP 100 6,054.95 6,180.05 125.1 2.07%
XRE 140 2,064.25 2,079.65 15.4 0.75%
NOT 2000 4,340.00 820.01 (3,519.99) -81.11%
    47,040.05 47,490.98 450.93 0.96%

Overall, I did well in my trades.  However, I grew tired of a long standing eye sore which was NOT.  When it hit bottom at 42 cents, I hit the sell button.  It since has gone up to 52 cents.  Due to my impatience, I lost out a couple hundred bucks.  All those years of holding that stock came to nothing really.  False hopes.  I used CLF to regain recoup my losses in NOT. 

NOT and CLF had a history back in the day when both were trying to take over a smaller mining company in the Ring of Fire up in Ontario.  Phospate was the talk of the town.  CLF won the battle and NOT ultimately failed to deliver while CLF soared as a billion dollar company.  I’ve traded CLF this past year and managed to make some decent gain of about $3250 in profits.


Positive Sell for CLF

14 Oct

My first trade of October seems to be in the right direction.  Once again, I sold CLF at a gain of $1347.13 less $14.85 in commissions.  CLF proved to be a good play.  I just wished I had gobbled up more shares at the bottom.  With good solid financial background in this company, I had faith it would make a come back.  This was a good play by averaging down when I was deep in the RED. 

Trade History:

  • Bought 200 @ $65.07/share, I averaged down another 100 @ $51.70/share.  I should have averaged down more when prices took a tumble to $47.31/share.  But I was scared shit with over $3000 in the red.
  • Set a limit sale 300 @ $65.10/share:  Sold 255 @ $65.10/share and 45 @$65.125/share