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Banking on Dividends

21 Oct

Time for me to bank in those dividends!  Royal Bank is going ex-dividend on Oct 24th.  BMO is also going ex-dividend on Oct 28th. 

I also held these two banks back in the summer time where they also declared dividends, I managed to collect $54 in dividends from Royal Bank and sell for a tiny profit at $15.75.  This proved to be a smart play as Royal Bank took a dip in share price in the next couple months.  On Sept 13th, I managed to picked up 200 @ $46.37/share.  Today, it’s trading at $47.89/share, I will try to sell Royal Bank come Monday so I can pick up my $108 in dividends and hopefully a nice little gain as well.

As for BMO, I wasn’t as lucky to sell off when I had the chance.  On June 7th, I bought in 100 @ $60.60/share.  I did collect $70 in dividends, but missed a few chances to sell at a gain.  So I’ve been holding that stock till now.  Today, it’s trading at $59.27, down about $133.00.  A little off my mark, but I made a few good bucks from BMO before.  Can’t wait to collect another $70 from them.

I just noticed that BMO market share is smaller than Bank of Nova Scotia.  This is a very big surprise to me as BNS isn’t that big of a bank.  You don’t see them too often in the city.  I wonder why that is… 

Time for me to look into other healthy dividend investments!