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Sleepy Morning Trade Mistake

24 Oct

I am not happy with myself!

Woke up this morning wanting to sell my Royal Bank stock in mind, I had two limit sells in my Questrade Margin account that was in placed already for Potash and Royal Bank.  There were both set at a higher sell limit, so the orders didn’t go through.  Not paying much attention, I accidently selected POT and set my price limit at $47.65 and it sold 200 @ $49.95 with a loss of $369.90 which I did not intend to do!  That was suppose to be for my RY sell limit!

After realizing my mistake, I’ve managed to sell my RY 200 @ $47.63 with a small gain of $241.40 plus dividends of $108.00.  RY opened at a lower price from Friday as I had expected since it went ex-dividend today.  Time for me to sell and move on.

Now, I have like $20937.50 CAD and $15872.44 USD cash sitting in my Questrade Margin account.  What to do with it… market seems to be holding out steady for these last few weeks. 

My next sell target is BMO sitting in my Questrade RSP account… ex-dividend is on Oct 28th, price is starting to creep up to my original buy in price.  Execute and sell with precision!