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Bored… decided to buy Shaw

25 Oct

Probably not the best strategy on my part, but I had a big balance sitting in my QT Margin account screaming for attention.  I decided to buy SJR.B 300 @ $19.83/share.  It’s been beaten down a bit for the last few days, it might even go down even more from my buy in price.  Looking at the charts, the price fluctuation doesn’t give you much of a heart attack.  Plus it pays 7.6667 cents per month.  This will be somewhat a longer term hold unless share price takes a spike to $21.00-22.00, then I’ll make my exit. 

This will be a boring stock to hold, but with a regular dividend of $23.00 per month coming into my pocket ($276 per year, it beats sitting in a savings account at 2% which pays $118.98)… I will surely make some money out of this stock in a few months or longer maybe!