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Quickest Trade Ever!

26 Oct

Alright!  Here’s the deal.  I took my 12 cents and ran away from Shaw (SJR.B).  I didn’t want to be stuck in that position too long.  I have this fear that it might dip below my buy in price of $19.83. 

Start of the trading day, it dropped to $19.60 and made a come back to $20.03.  Soon after, it began slidding to $19.90.  I didn’t want to see a drop later on, so I set my sell price at $19.95!  I profited $26.10 from this trade.  I only held it since yesterday’s day end till today’s morning.  Just a couple of hours.  This is a new record for me!

See how cut throat I am!!  Chipping away a little bit at a time.  I’ve made stupid mistakes as well…