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Follow up: Pushed the Puss!

29 Nov

It’s been over a year since I posted: 

Time for an update:  As you can see, my puss finger has recovered quite nicely.  Although a part of my nail fell off from my infection, my nail eventually grew back but at a slightly off angle. 

More than two weeks ago, I had a misfortune of slamming my index finger in the car door.  It stung for the longest time, I had to hold my finger tight to prevent further pain.  It doesn’t hurt now, but a dark reminder to be careful around the force of nature!


Welcome aboard Mastercard

4 Nov

Mastercard is a sure thing.  Used by millions of users around the world, swiping is second nature to most people these days in the spending world.  Missed plenty of opportunites with Mastercard on my part.  Today, I made the first leap into 20 @ $360/share.  It’s not a significant amount, but sizable to make a difference if it goes up or down by a few bucks!

Groupon IPO on NASDAQ today!

4 Nov

I’ve been on the Groupon bandwagon over a year now… I’ve gotten many deals out of it… well from other similar sites.  Groupon is global operating at major cities offering heavily discounted local services and products.  They play the middle man and collect the fees!  Google wanted to buy Groupon out at $5 Billion, but the founder declined and started his own IPO into the NASDAQ.

Playing the IPO card is always risky.  The demand for Groupon is red hot.  Initial public offer for Groupon 35,000,000 @ $20/share = Market shares of $700 Million!  If google wanted to buy out Groupon for $5 Billion, the this stock has a lot of upward momentum from its inital IPO.  Always, the brokerage house gets first dips.  Shares soared to around $28ish!  That’s a big jump… everyone wants to get on board… that includes me. 

I set my price at $28.50 for a while, but it was trading up higher.  So I decided to set my price to $28.65 and bam, my order quickly went through.  Shortly after, the share price tumbles to low $28s… My impatience got the better of me.

October Trading Sales

3 Nov

Trading Summary for October 2011:

1.)  Selling CLF at $65.00/share was the right move at that particular week.  However, I sold it a little prematurely I suppose.  If I had kept my original shares, I would have made an extra $1500.  CLF is a very volatile stock with big mood swings from day to day.  I had my chances to re-enter in the high $50s, but I didn’t want to take that chance.  So I stood by on the sidelines watching this amazing upswing in a day or two.  Currently, it’s holding strong at $70.92/share

2.)  Well, RY staggered right on ex-dividend date and I quickly sold it for a smaller profit than what I would have liked.  The following days it leaped to the high $40s, I sold out at $47.60.  If I only held on a little longer would have brought me a few hundred more.

3.)  POT was a mistake sale at $49.95/share, but it has given me the opportunity to pick up the original 200 shares at a more discounted price of $47.60/share.  Even though, my net loss was $370.60.  I feel the potential  in POT to make a come back to the low $50s.

4.)  SJR.B was my quickest sale of my trading career.  This proved that I had very low confidence in the stock.  But amazingly, it’s been holding quite well in the days that followed after my sale.  If I had kept it, I would be sitting at a higher gain than what I would have expected it at

SIDE NOTE:  Trading IPL.UN for POT is a stale reminder that I always sell IPL.UN at the wrong time.  I am not happy with this trade at all.

CLF 300 18,193.90 19,525.79 1,331.89 7.32%
RY 200 9,279.65 9,520.35 240.7 2.59%
POT 200 10,354.95 9,984.35 -370.6 -3.58%
SJR.B 300 5,955.00 5,980.05 25.05 0.42%
43,783.50 45,010.54 1,227.04 2.80%