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October Trading Sales

3 Nov

Trading Summary for October 2011:

1.)  Selling CLF at $65.00/share was the right move at that particular week.  However, I sold it a little prematurely I suppose.  If I had kept my original shares, I would have made an extra $1500.  CLF is a very volatile stock with big mood swings from day to day.  I had my chances to re-enter in the high $50s, but I didn’t want to take that chance.  So I stood by on the sidelines watching this amazing upswing in a day or two.  Currently, it’s holding strong at $70.92/share

2.)  Well, RY staggered right on ex-dividend date and I quickly sold it for a smaller profit than what I would have liked.  The following days it leaped to the high $40s, I sold out at $47.60.  If I only held on a little longer would have brought me a few hundred more.

3.)  POT was a mistake sale at $49.95/share, but it has given me the opportunity to pick up the original 200 shares at a more discounted price of $47.60/share.  Even though, my net loss was $370.60.  I feel the potential  in POT to make a come back to the low $50s.

4.)  SJR.B was my quickest sale of my trading career.  This proved that I had very low confidence in the stock.  But amazingly, it’s been holding quite well in the days that followed after my sale.  If I had kept it, I would be sitting at a higher gain than what I would have expected it at

SIDE NOTE:  Trading IPL.UN for POT is a stale reminder that I always sell IPL.UN at the wrong time.  I am not happy with this trade at all.

CLF 300 18,193.90 19,525.79 1,331.89 7.32%
RY 200 9,279.65 9,520.35 240.7 2.59%
POT 200 10,354.95 9,984.35 -370.6 -3.58%
SJR.B 300 5,955.00 5,980.05 25.05 0.42%
43,783.50 45,010.54 1,227.04 2.80%