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Big Steps Moving Forward

8 Dec

It’s nearing the end of the year, there have been a couple life alternating moments that I will mention.  Financially demanding and continuous efforts to keep afloat.  All part of making the right decisions and moving forward.

Step 1:  November 26th- Purchase an eigth floor 1br + den 595sq ft unit at 258 Condo for $242,900 + HST in New Westminster which won’t be completed till end of 2013.  Whole building (75 units) was sold out in 42 minutes.  My goal is to save $24,000 in two years time.  But with Step 2, it will be difficult as I will spending more money on rent, groceries, household items, and miscellaneous stuff.

Step 2:  December 4th- Moving in with my Boyfriend which we will be renting out from his Mom.

One Trade in November at a LOSS

1 Dec

I sold out Groupon at a loss:  $374.95

If a stock is tanking everyday from your buy in price, it means trouble.  I had to cut my losses when I had the chance.  Today, Groupon is trading at $18.79.  Their lowest point was at $14.85 just a few days ago… always look for the red days to pick up some good value stocks! 

November was a slow month for me.  Not much trading at all.  I picked up a few stocks like Mastercard; Apple; Keg.un and adding a couple hundred shares in Just Energy which never seems to go up but down.  Don’t know why I keep averaging down on that sucker, the monthly dividend is a little more than 10c per share… now I have like 600 shares but with a loss at more than $1200!  Let’s see how time will prevail. 

Today’s trade:  I sold out MA ($420-9.90) and APPL ($90-9.90) to make up for my loss in Groupon.  Just a few days ago, I was deep in the red.  Sometimes, you just have to play the game and set your profits before they go down like a rocket!

GRPN 100 2,869.95 2,495.00 -374.95 -13.07%