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I’m so close!

25 Jan

My recent purchase of ECA is proofing to be a good buy.  Right now, If I sell my ECA and MA… I will make my $500/mo profit mark in my QT Margin account.  I’m trying to decide whether both of them will continue to be on the upswing.  This is decision time!

My last decision of selling out CLF proved to be the wrong move.  I could have made an extra $670 more!! SIGH.. name of the game!


I made a move!

23 Jan

In my QT RRSP account, I haven’t had much luck in terms of profiting from the stock market.  Always breakeven or at a loss.  Today, I made a move to cleanse my account with good fortune on the year of the dragon!  Happy Chinese New Year buy!

I got rid of my long fallen XFN (Ishares Financial Index Fund) at a loss of $376.12.  At one point, it was down by over $1000… OUCHIE!  I had 338 shares and it was totally weighing down on my portfolio with not much promise other than the sporatic monthly dividends that was peanuts!

I decided to pump up my QT RRSP with plunking down another 429 @ $18.00 of IPL.UN in which I will get a steady monthly distrubution of $37.54.  Even though I re-bought IPL.UN earlier in the month at $18.90 in my TFSA, I feel IPL.UN will break through $20 by years end. (I should have never sold out my 900 shares of IPL.UN in the first place!!)  It’s all about patience and waiting for the monthly payout!


Long Haul

23 Jan

Looks like I’ll be sticking with Mastercard for the long haul.  I had a couple of opportunities to selling Mastercard at breakeven or even at a little profit, but I had higher hopes for them!  So I kept it.  That was a mistake.  I should have sold and bought back at an even lower price of $338.50 that they’re going for right now.  My average is at $350.  So this is a longer term hold that I had expected.

I always hold the wrong stocks and sell off the good ones.  Like Cliff Natural Resources, they went on to go into the lower $70s.  I could have made my $500 plus some more quota if I only had held on.

ECA is making a nice buck today… If I sell now, I can meet my $500 quota for the month.  Should I wait for more profits or take it while I can?  I will ponder some more… before I make my decision.

Beaten down EnCana Corporation

18 Jan

I remember buying EnCana Corporation a year or so ago in the $30s.  Am I glad I sold that a long time ago!  Even though, I didn’t make any money from my previous trade, I think I can make a buck or two here with ECA trading at its all time lows.  Natural gas has taken a beating in the past few months, the profit margin for ECA dropped dramatically. 

Today, I purchased 100 @ $17.60/share of ECA (NYSE).  It might be a train wreck but I think ECA has some juice left in them!

My Losers for now that is…

16 Jan

Many moves were counter productive in 2011.  Trust me, I have held onto larger deficit than now. 

I have many losers in my portfolio in which I am still holding till I break even or sell at a little profit:

  1. XFN -$721.51 (338 Shares)
  2. BMO -$219.95 (100 Shares)
  3. MFC -$358.95 (200 Shares)
  4. JE -$298 (600 Shares)
  5. POT -$294.90 (500 Shares)
  6. MA -$477.95 (40 Shares)
  7. IPL.UN -$144.35 (340 Shares)

It’s a matter of time before I am out of the red!  ($2515.61)

Added Pengrowth Energy Corp to my QT RRSP

16 Jan

Any cash sitting in Questrade account means money not working towards my advantage.  It does not pay any interest.  I had some extra cash in my QT RRSP, $1200 to buy a stock.

Pengrowth Energy Corp wouldn’t be at the top of my list to add into my position.  However, it does pay 7 cents per month in dividends.  Currently, it’s trading around $10.50/share.  I have just enough money to buy 110 @ $10.50/share.

Hopefully within the year, I will see a significant price appreciation in addition to dividends of $92.40 from my little investment in PGF.

Sell Limit for Cliff Natural Resources

12 Jan

Sticking to my word, I set a sell limit price of $70 for Cliff Natural Resources earlier in the morning of yesterday.  It sold shortly after in the day.  My profit is $369.96 for holding CLF for two days.  If I had held it to today, CLF jumped another 96 cents from my buy in price. 

Thank you CLF, I will buy you again when the time is right!

Side Note:  I bought MFC in my QT RRSP on January 9th- 100 @ $11.40.  Today, I sold it for $11.73.  My profit is low at $22.75, but I don’t want to hold onto this one for long as I want a monthly distribution for my RRSP.  Besides, I have another 200 shares at a loss $366.95.

Market Playground

11 Jan

Yesterday would have been an opportune time to let go of my depreciated shares of Mastercard.  I would have broken even if I had known today would be a major downer.  As the word goes around the market, it’s a big playground full of obstacles.  There are slides, swings, teeter totter… have fun while you can, but always be careful not to fall off.

MasterCard Incorporated (Public, NYSE:MA)
-8.35 (-2.39%)
Real-time:   11:32AM EST

As for Cliffs Natural Resources, I’m almost to my target hit of $70.  I am still contemplating whether I should keep or rake in my profits while I can.  What will tomorrow bring for me?  Is it going to be another gain or another disappointment!

Topping up my Portfolio

9 Jan

QT TFSA:  340 @ $18.90/share – IPL.UN on TSE
For 2012, I’ve added another $5000 to my TFSA account.  Selling IPL.UN for POT was my biggest mistake in this account.  I sold IPL.UN out for 900 @ $16.13/share and bought POT 300 @ $47.00/share end of September.  At first, it seemed like a great idea as POT gained a few bucks in a matter of a few days.  However, I got greedy as always and held on, now POT is at $42.58/share vs IPL.UN at $18.90/share.  I am still holding POT at a loss, waiting for it to climb back up into the low $50s before moving on.

QT MARGIN:  100 @ $66.20/share – CLF on NYSE and 20 @ $344.81/share ($4685.09 of $6896.20 on Margin)- MA on NYSE
I was inactive during December which was a mistake as it was full of opportunities for me to scoop up some depreciated shares.  Now, I am paying for the price.  It is time for me to get back into the game and start waging on some stocks.  It’s been a while since I bought back into CLF, even though it’s not at the most attractive buy in price.  I think it might be able to hit $70/share.  As for MA, this is the only upside since I made my purchase last Wednesday.  This might be the support now, might be a good time to average down and see what will transpire in the next few days.

As of today, I am fully invested in all of my brokerage accounts.  Current Value:  $90,047.52.  Stock Count: 13.  My sights of $100k is within reach this year only if I keep a steady course of raking in $500/mo which seems impossible as I have too many different stocks pulling at different ways.

At least I get $3 in dividends!

6 Jan

Third day holding Mastercard equals to 4% loss at $286.55.  Buying Apple would have been the clear winner of this week!  This goes to show you how buying on a down trend can really eat up your own money!  What a stellar start to a new year with a disappointing loss.  I haven’t sold out yet, so it’s not a real loss yet!

January 6, 2012
-9.49 (-2.69%)
Jan 6 – Close