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Hello 2012!

3 Jan

Time for me to straighten out my trading priorities!

  1. Monthly profit taking $500/mo
  2. Minimize losses to 8%
  3. Fully invest in stocks (I have $24,000 sitting in cash in my brokerage account)
  4. Keep better track of my trades and summarizations
  5. Blog more in detail about every single buy and execution



Just $10.10 shy of my monthly $500 profit goal

3 Jan

Trading summary for December 2011:

I sold out at the right time, but I missed out on opportunities to RE-BUY for both stocks.  I was not active in December at all due to the depressing amounts that befell on my other stocks.  Laying low, out of harm’s way till things start to tide over.

MA 20 7204.95 7614.90 409.95 5.69%
AAPL 20 7694.95 7774.90 79.95 1.03%