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My Losers for now that is…

16 Jan

Many moves were counter productive in 2011.  Trust me, I have held onto larger deficit than now. 

I have many losers in my portfolio in which I am still holding till I break even or sell at a little profit:

  1. XFN -$721.51 (338 Shares)
  2. BMO -$219.95 (100 Shares)
  3. MFC -$358.95 (200 Shares)
  4. JE -$298 (600 Shares)
  5. POT -$294.90 (500 Shares)
  6. MA -$477.95 (40 Shares)
  7. IPL.UN -$144.35 (340 Shares)

It’s a matter of time before I am out of the red!  ($2515.61)

Added Pengrowth Energy Corp to my QT RRSP

16 Jan

Any cash sitting in Questrade account means money not working towards my advantage.  It does not pay any interest.  I had some extra cash in my QT RRSP, $1200 to buy a stock.

Pengrowth Energy Corp wouldn’t be at the top of my list to add into my position.  However, it does pay 7 cents per month in dividends.  Currently, it’s trading around $10.50/share.  I have just enough money to buy 110 @ $10.50/share.

Hopefully within the year, I will see a significant price appreciation in addition to dividends of $92.40 from my little investment in PGF.