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I made a move!

23 Jan

In my QT RRSP account, I haven’t had much luck in terms of profiting from the stock market.  Always breakeven or at a loss.  Today, I made a move to cleanse my account with good fortune on the year of the dragon!  Happy Chinese New Year buy!

I got rid of my long fallen XFN (Ishares Financial Index Fund) at a loss of $376.12.  At one point, it was down by over $1000… OUCHIE!  I had 338 shares and it was totally weighing down on my portfolio with not much promise other than the sporatic monthly dividends that was peanuts!

I decided to pump up my QT RRSP with plunking down another 429 @ $18.00 of IPL.UN in which I will get a steady monthly distrubution of $37.54.  Even though I re-bought IPL.UN earlier in the month at $18.90 in my TFSA, I feel IPL.UN will break through $20 by years end. (I should have never sold out my 900 shares of IPL.UN in the first place!!)  It’s all about patience and waiting for the monthly payout!


Long Haul

23 Jan

Looks like I’ll be sticking with Mastercard for the long haul.  I had a couple of opportunities to selling Mastercard at breakeven or even at a little profit, but I had higher hopes for them!  So I kept it.  That was a mistake.  I should have sold and bought back at an even lower price of $338.50 that they’re going for right now.  My average is at $350.  So this is a longer term hold that I had expected.

I always hold the wrong stocks and sell off the good ones.  Like Cliff Natural Resources, they went on to go into the lower $70s.  I could have made my $500 plus some more quota if I only had held on.

ECA is making a nice buck today… If I sell now, I can meet my $500 quota for the month.  Should I wait for more profits or take it while I can?  I will ponder some more… before I make my decision.