I made a move!

23 Jan

In my QT RRSP account, I haven’t had much luck in terms of profiting from the stock market.  Always breakeven or at a loss.  Today, I made a move to cleanse my account with good fortune on the year of the dragon!  Happy Chinese New Year buy!

I got rid of my long fallen XFN (Ishares Financial Index Fund) at a loss of $376.12.  At one point, it was down by over $1000… OUCHIE!  I had 338 shares and it was totally weighing down on my portfolio with not much promise other than the sporatic monthly dividends that was peanuts!

I decided to pump up my QT RRSP with plunking down another 429 @ $18.00 of IPL.UN in which I will get a steady monthly distrubution of $37.54.  Even though I re-bought IPL.UN earlier in the month at $18.90 in my TFSA, I feel IPL.UN will break through $20 by years end. (I should have never sold out my 900 shares of IPL.UN in the first place!!)  It’s all about patience and waiting for the monthly payout!


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