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Bad Move this Week

29 Feb

I sold out ECA for CLF which proved to be a bad move.  All my profits in the sale has been wiped out today.  Without trading in my portfolio, I am slowly creeping up to my $110k mark!

Short Term Hold

28 Feb

With extra cash on hand, I set forth my sights back at Cliff Natural Resources.  CLF has been slumping  downwards lately from their highs of $77 just a couple weeks ago.  I think this is their support, before climbing back up to the $70s.  I will monitor their progression.  This has to be on high alert as buying on dips are always risky.

My buy-in for CLF transaction:
100 @ $65.60/share
Cash $2510; Margin -$4054.95

My first trade this month!

27 Feb

Today, I sold out my ECA in my Questrade Margin account for a profit of $200.10, a gain of 11.34%.  Overall, I’m quite happy with this trade.  I held these shares for 42 days. 

If I had sold ECA earlier, I would have made a higher profit.  It’s not good to dwell on the past, time for me to look forward to another position in a potential stock.  What could it be?  I have about $2585.91 sitting in cash. 

I have too many miscellanous stocks in my Questrade RRSP account.  I would like to sell off most of my stocks and pour more into a money making machine!

Downsizing my number of stocks!

24 Feb

Time to re-evaluate my stock portfolio.  Truth be told, I have a few stocks working at too many different ways.  If I had invested 100 shares instead of 40 shares of Mastercard, I’d be sitting on a $6458 profit!  But really, do I want to tie up so much money into one stock?  Not really, but on the other hand, all my other little stocks are tying up my money with losses or with little gain. 

Who’s on my chopping block?  These are companies that have not performed to my expectations.  Free up some cash and invest into ONE stock. 

  1. 100 shares of BMO:  Current loss of $254.95, quarterly dividends -> sell at breakeven
  2. 200 shares of MFC:  Current loss of $234.95, quarterly dividends -> sell at breakeven
  3. 500 shares of POT:  Current loss of $339.50, quarterly dividends, overweight -> sell at $1000 gain
  4. 110 shares of PGF:  Current loss of $69.85, monthly dividends -> sell at breakeven
  5. 100 shares of ECA:  Current gain of $204.05, quarterly dividends -> sell at $250 gain

Out of the hole

22 Feb

The shares that I own in Potash is finally climbing out of its dark red hole today.  I tied down a lot of money in this stock for months now.  Should I just sell it and move onto another profitable stock?  Or Should I just hold it a little longer to see if this will give me the 10% I was hoping for?

There have been several times where it touched in this area and retreated back.  Could this be a breakout run for Potash?  Time is of an essence.  Use it wisely. 

Patience is the Key

21 Feb

Sometimes patience wins over a quick profit.  Thing is you don’t turn a profit till you sell your stock.  The market is ruthless and can go in either direction any given day.  I was really pondering on whether I should sell my Encana/Mastercard shares to meet my $500 quota for January 2012.  That’s when I left for my vacation.  So I put off the sale of these two stocks for a turn of profit which proved to be the right move.

As of now, Encana and Mastercard has given me a 13% return in the past month.  The question is when do I sell before they lose their momentum?

Here is my never revealed full open stock portfolio ending Feb 21st:

Slow Month

17 Feb

February is proving to be a really slow month for trading.  At the moment, I’m going to sit pretty with my current stocks.  My portfolio consists of 12 stocks plus an ING Streetwise Fund.  It has gone up significantly in value over the last month.  So I’m going to let this bullish run ride out for a bit.

It’s that time again:  Tax Season.  Looks like I’ll be owing the taxman some money… unless I put a big portion into my RRSP.  I don’t really want to do that as I am expecting to take on a hefty mortgage in the next two years.  The deadline to contribute to your RRSPs for the year 2011 is March 1, 2012. 

I love online shopping where there is a deal to be had.  Yesterday was a splurge for me.  I ended up buying four items of cardigans/sweater from A&F worth $105.95.

Over the years, I’ve monitored my spendings and savings rigorously.  It’s a great way to keep track of where your money is going to.  Every year varies due to different expenses coming up.  However, I always try to save at least $10,000 or more a year.  I like to use my saved up money to make more money!  That is through my stock portfolio.  For the past few years, I’ve only managed very little capital gains. 

This year, my goal is to realize at least $6000 in capital gains from my stocks.  In order to do this, I have to trade bigger and more often for the rest of the year.  I better get a move on it… since I haven’t done any trading this month!

January 2012:  I realized a gain $392.36 in my margin account.  But I also sold at a loss of $376.12 in my RRSP account.  For tax reporting purposes, the RRSP doesn’t really count as a capital loss unless I take the money out of my RRSP.

APPLE reaches all time highs!

15 Feb

After reaching its all time highs of $526.29, Apple retreated back to $497.67.  53 million shares were exchanged today.  Some made some serious profits while those who bought high got a dose of reality. 

If I only kept my orginal 20 shares last year at $338.35, I’d be really happy.  Instead I took a loss of $295 at that time mostly due to my impatience…  Boy, did I miss out on a $6372.80 profit!

I’m sorry…

14 Feb

For making this blog into my personal stock quest with no real information except for my own hunches and hopes!  Everyone has their own investing style.  Creat your own!  Don’t be afraid of investing in stocks.  Although it is a volitile market, over time good stocks will prevail.  If you time it right, you can reap the rewards really fast or slowly.

Am I a buy and hold investor?  Yes, I am.  I do not like to sell at a loss.  Selling at a loss only means that I have given up on that stock. 

What is the one stock that I have traded several times at a gain?  Cliff Natural Resources!  The latest trade I sold premature at $70/share.  Several days after, it went up to $77/share.  I missed out on a good $700 in profits.  Right now, it’s come back down to the price I sold at.  Maybe, it’s time for me to buy in again.

What is the worst stock to re-buy?  Research in Motion!  This stock has given nothing but heart ache!  All this stock does is go down and down… while Apple is staggering at its all times high of $500/share!

What is my best performing stock that I am currently holding in my portfolio?  Great Quest Metals!  I originally bought 5000 shares at 15 cents.  I sold half of my shares at 35 cents with a nice 133% gain.  Little did I know I was holding a gold mine!  Currently, GQ is trading at $2.31.  I think I will hold this baby for a while!

Any regrets in any of your stock pickings?  Oh definitely, I “invested” in a number of penny stocks that has left me deep in the red.  I kept on betting and losing on several penny stocks.  Currently, I do not have any penny stocks except for GQ.  Picking GQ out of the bunch in penny stocks is very hard to do. 


Hit my $100,000 mark!

7 Feb

While I was away on vacation, my portfolio thrived thanks mostly to Mastercard Inc.  Mastercard is cruising to its annual highs today before settling at the price of $392.91.  On Feb 2nd, they announced a stellar earning report in the last quarter plus they’re doubling their dividends from 15 cents to 30 cents per quarter.  Before I was in the red on this stock, today I’m up $1675.25 in gains.  Sometimes it’s best to tough out holding a stock that you believe in.  I think Mastercard has a lot of potential to grow even further. Looks like I will be keeping this one for a while longer before taking my real profits.

2011 proved to be a little disappointing for me.  I made a few mistakes on some stock buys that set me back.  The most important thing is that I didn’t come out on the losing end at the end of the day.  Finally, I’ve reached my $100,000 goal.  With a gain of 16.16%, I’m topping up at $102,977.66.  This can change any day at any given moment, but I am super stoked that some of stocks have made a come back.  Still holding a few losers, but patience is the name of the game sometimes.

My goal for 2012 is to stay fully invested in stocks and to bring my portfolio to $110,000.  I need to be more active with my trades and downsize my current holdings of 13 stocks.  If I play the game right, I can bring my portfolio to another level.  Invest big and reap the rewards of dividends and share appreciation.