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Hit my $100,000 mark!

7 Feb

While I was away on vacation, my portfolio thrived thanks mostly to Mastercard Inc.  Mastercard is cruising to its annual highs today before settling at the price of $392.91.  On Feb 2nd, they announced a stellar earning report in the last quarter plus they’re doubling their dividends from 15 cents to 30 cents per quarter.  Before I was in the red on this stock, today I’m up $1675.25 in gains.  Sometimes it’s best to tough out holding a stock that you believe in.  I think Mastercard has a lot of potential to grow even further. Looks like I will be keeping this one for a while longer before taking my real profits.

2011 proved to be a little disappointing for me.  I made a few mistakes on some stock buys that set me back.  The most important thing is that I didn’t come out on the losing end at the end of the day.  Finally, I’ve reached my $100,000 goal.  With a gain of 16.16%, I’m topping up at $102,977.66.  This can change any day at any given moment, but I am super stoked that some of stocks have made a come back.  Still holding a few losers, but patience is the name of the game sometimes.

My goal for 2012 is to stay fully invested in stocks and to bring my portfolio to $110,000.  I need to be more active with my trades and downsize my current holdings of 13 stocks.  If I play the game right, I can bring my portfolio to another level.  Invest big and reap the rewards of dividends and share appreciation.