I’m sorry…

14 Feb

For making this blog into my personal stock quest with no real information except for my own hunches and hopes!  Everyone has their own investing style.  Creat your own!  Don’t be afraid of investing in stocks.  Although it is a volitile market, over time good stocks will prevail.  If you time it right, you can reap the rewards really fast or slowly.

Am I a buy and hold investor?  Yes, I am.  I do not like to sell at a loss.  Selling at a loss only means that I have given up on that stock. 

What is the one stock that I have traded several times at a gain?  Cliff Natural Resources!  The latest trade I sold premature at $70/share.  Several days after, it went up to $77/share.  I missed out on a good $700 in profits.  Right now, it’s come back down to the price I sold at.  Maybe, it’s time for me to buy in again.

What is the worst stock to re-buy?  Research in Motion!  This stock has given nothing but heart ache!  All this stock does is go down and down… while Apple is staggering at its all times high of $500/share!

What is my best performing stock that I am currently holding in my portfolio?  Great Quest Metals!  I originally bought 5000 shares at 15 cents.  I sold half of my shares at 35 cents with a nice 133% gain.  Little did I know I was holding a gold mine!  Currently, GQ is trading at $2.31.  I think I will hold this baby for a while!

Any regrets in any of your stock pickings?  Oh definitely, I “invested” in a number of penny stocks that has left me deep in the red.  I kept on betting and losing on several penny stocks.  Currently, I do not have any penny stocks except for GQ.  Picking GQ out of the bunch in penny stocks is very hard to do. 


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