Monthly Distributions and Quarterly Dividends

1 Mar

My plays in unit trusts have always come out on top from monthly distribution and price appreciation in their shares.  I tend to hold these shares for a while.

For the month of February, I’ve collected a total of $262.28.  It’s a little higher this month due to some quarterly dividends I’ve collected from my bigger companies.

SBUX-  $28.55/quarter
BPF.UN-  $18.40/mo
BMO- $70/quarter
JE-  $62/mo
POT-  $35.34/quarter
KEG.UN-  $8/mo
MA- $2.55/quarter
IPL.UN- $29.75/mo
PGF-  $7.70/mo


2 Responses to “Monthly Distributions and Quarterly Dividends”

  1. Alex March 5, 2012 at 2.33 #

    nice job! im at about $900 per quarter myself. i dont track by monthly dividends since none of my investments pay monthly dividends =P
    good luck!!

  2. agentfang March 5, 2012 at 2.33 #

    Thanks! $900 per quarter is a lot! I need to sell off my dead weight miscellaneous stocks!!

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