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5 Mar

My patience is wearing thin on Potash in particular and a recent buy of Cliff Natural Resources.  I will wait out the downward slide of the last few days.  Don’t you just hate it when you buy a stock, then it keeps on going down?  I do!  Buying on the down trend is tricky.  You may think you’re getting at a bargain price, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. 

Timing is everything!  

Buying on an uptrend may be the better way to go.  Go with the upswing momentum.  For instance, I was looking at Apple.  I’m like wow, it’s going up like crazy.  Day after day, Apple is soaring.  I think it’s too expensive, I should stay out of it.  I’ve watched it go from $420 to $530.  $110 difference in a matter of two months.  Can Apple really sustain these high prices?  What if I buy today, only to find out I made a mistake on buying at its 52 week high?  Only to come down the very next day. 

Today, Apple shows some signs of sell off… dropping $13 to $531.75.  Might be a good opportunity for me to jump in, but do I want to be burned at these high prices?  Nah, I can’t really afford it!