Potash Corporation

13 Mar

My biggest single holding in my portfolio has been a total utter dissapointment.  I’ve been holding it patiently since September 2011.  25% of my portfolio is tied down to this stock and I’m at a paper loss of $2329.90.

Currently, POT is down 10% since the beginning of March 2012 and it’s becoming an eye sore again!  Why can’t you just break out of that $47/share mark so I can be done with you?!

There were countless of times where I could have sold POT at breakeven.  But I thought maybe it’ll break resistance… and move on up higher.  Boy, was I dead wrong! 

Every stock has been trending upwards in the past few days, except for Potash.  Even the other fertilizer companies today move up while POT was down 26 cents overall. 

It’s time for me to shake things up.  Google is my next stop!

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