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Busy Monday!

30 Apr

SOLD:  BMO.TO @ 58.13, profit of $23.10, 0.4%
BOUGHT:  RCI.B.TO 200 @ $36.85; CLF 100 @ $62.23; AAPL 10 @ $583.70

BOUGHT:  POT.TO 100 @ $41.81

BOUGHT:  COS.TO 300 @ $21.68

Monthly Trading Goal Achieved!

28 Apr

My goal of realizing a profit of $500 per month was finally achieved when I sold my Mastercard on April 24th in my Questrade Margin account.  I held Mastercard for nearly four months and it has done well for me.  Even though, Mastercard went on to close at its 52 week high of $457.58 per share, I am happy with my emotionless trade.  I sold 10 of 40 shares of my Mastercard to lock in my gains.

Year to date, my realized gains were $2023.07 with a percentage gain of 3.64% which is not the best considering the amount of money I used to trade in the stock market.  Right now, my main focus is to monitor the progress of my stocks to maximize my profits and add new stocks for hands on active trading.

In my Questrade Margin account, I have a negative balance due to me averaging down on Apple.  After the spectacular earnings report from Apple, the stock gained most of its losses from the past week and a half of losing its footing.  However, the next couple of trading days, Apple seems to be trading negatively.  I may make an earlier exit if the opportunity arises.

I am quite disappointed with my trades in Just Energy and Inter Pipeline, now I have extra cash in my RRSP and TFSA account doing nothing.  If I had kept the stocks, my share price would have jump back up prior to the down slide, and I would have continued to collect my monthly distributions from these two companies.  Maybe, it’s a sign for me to move on and invest elsewhere.

Finding and researching stocks take patience and some luck as well.  If you pick the right stocks at the right time, you can really hit it big in your portfolio.  Pick a few stocks and monitor their progress from day to day to get a feel at how they’re trading.  When you feel the stock has reached a buying opportunity, jump in and let it ride till you feel it no longer serves you well.


SOLD: A Quarter of Mastercard at a Profit!

26 Apr

My sell limit for Mastercard was realized early this morning for 10 shares @ $450.00.  This is a $100 gain from my average price.  I sold a quarter of my shares to lock in my gains.  It’s always nice to walk away a winner.    So this time, I aimed for a price that I was comfortable with selling at and was able to meet it without much thought to it.

There have been several times this year where I stayed and lost out on paper gains.  Looks like I have made a mistake of selling out IPL.UN yesterday when I saw a big drop in mid-morning.  Today, it’s back up to $19.50 per share.

Trading Summary:
Date Bought: January 3, 2012- 10 shares $357.00
Date Sold:  April 26,2012- 10 shares $450.00
Profit: $922.58 with 25.82%

While everything was up…

25 Apr

IPL.UN stumbled along with TRP which I sold out yesterday.

Today, I sold IPL.UN 340 shares @ $19.00 in fear that it will drop even further below buy in price of $18.90.  However, I got caught up in the early morning sell off.  IPL.UN seem to recover shortly after closing at end of the day:  $19.15 per share.

The funds from a recent sale of Fund ING Streetwise Fund finally arrived into my RRSP Questrade account.  If only the funds had shown up earlier, I might have averaged further down on Apple at the price of $560.00 of yesterday.

Now, I have quite a bit of cash sitting idle in my RRSP and TFSA accounts.  Everything seemed to surge after Apple’s record breaking earnings report.  So I don’t think this is a good time to buy into the market.  I’ll sit and wait for the right opportunity.

One stock that is riding at its 52 week low is Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK).  EPS is decent, PE ratio is low meaning there might be some value to it.  They do shell out a small dividend of 9 cents per quarter.  I might just pick up a couple hundred shares and see if this will ride back up into the 20s.

SOLD: TRP 200 Shares @ $44.15

24 Apr

 My realized gain on this trade is small, nevertheless, I walked away with a profit!   The reason for this trade was to reduce my margin amount in my Questrade account since I had average down on Apple which seems like a mistake for now.  TRP was bought  entirely on margin and it did not perform well in the past month that I have held onto it.  The resistant point is around $45.00 compared to their support of $42.00.  I bought this stock at the higher end and would like to take a profit before it dips back below my buy in price.

Summary of Trade:
March 23rd:  Bought 200 shares @ $43.65
April 24th:  Sold 200 shares @ $44.15
Length of Time-  33 days
Margin Used- $8734.95 ($35.54 interest)
Profit:  $90.10-$35.54= $54.56
Dividend:  $88.00

Hooked, Lined, and Sinkered

20 Apr

Wiggle wiggle!

I’m chasing Apple the wrong way!!  This morning, Apple seemed to be performing well heading above my latest buy in price of $587.00.  By mid-morning, it started its downward spiral AGAIN.  I had some money in my QT RRSP account screaming for some attention.  I decided to averaged down another 10 shares @ $581.00 in the morning which is a big mistake.  I was careless and impatient.. hooked, lined and sinkered!

One of my mottos is not to buy in the morning, always buy in the afternoon when things have settled down. 

Today Apple closed at $572.98/share.  It was another $8.02/share drop from my buy in price.  Am I worried?  Nah, I’ll just sleep on this shares for a long time coming since it’s in my RRSP account.

As for my other 30 shares of Apple in my QT Margin account, I got an email from Questrade stating:

“Please be advised that the margin rate on common shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) is increasing from 30% to 40% effective Monday, April 23rd, 2012. Please review your current positions to ensure that your account does not enter a margin deficiency due to this change.

It is your responsibility to monitor your account and your margin, and to deposit sufficient funds or sell sufficient positions to remain in good standing. If your account becomes under-margined, we will issue a margin call and may sell securities to satisfy the shortage.

We retain the right to require additional margin at any time we consider necessary. “

I just might get a margin call on my Apple shares if the price keeps on falling like today.  I am hoping for a green Monday.  Wish me luck! 


It ain’t so easy when you think about it…

19 Apr

Our lives revolve around five major factors:

  1. WORK:  It’s easier to slack off than to work hard.
  2. MONEY:  It’s easier to spend money than to save money.
  3. FOOD:  It’s easier to gain weight than to lose weight.
  4. HEALTH:  It’s easier to snooze than to get out of bed.
  5. RELATIONSHIPS:  It’s easier to fall in love than to fall out of love.

Averaging Down on Apple

19 Apr

Apple has been on a bumpy ride in the past week of trading sessions.  Some days it’ll drop and drop, and then some days it’ll pop right back up.  It’s a little disheartening watching it go from its 52 week high of $644 to a low of $577.00 of recent events.  My first buy in was at 20 shares @ $611.52.  So I decided it was time for me to average down on my Apple shares.  I am a bit tentative… not knowing which way it’ll go tomorrow.  So I just added 10 shares to see if I can climb out of the red hole again. 

Today’s Buy
AAPL-  10 shares @ $587 on Margin

Just Panicked

17 Apr

Just Energy losts its stride in the last four trading days.  Trading at a high of $14.00/share on April 11th, it took a tumble down to a low of $12.23/share.  I panicked and hit the sell button to breakeven on this trade.  I am dissapointed with the outcome as just a few days ago, I had a nice paper profit of over a thousand bucks.  But the market is ruthless and gives no mercy to those who snooze a bit.  Even though, I came out of the trade with a measly $9.75 profit, I had been collecting their dividend for the past eight months.  So I’m not at a total loss here.

Trade Summary:
600 shares @ $12.32
Capital Gain: $9.75
Dividend: $433.99

My first Sun Run

16 Apr

Sun Run usually draws a big crowd to the Vancouver Downtown core for their annual 10KM race.  A record of 48,904 participants signed up for this year!  Sunday’s weather was perfect for runners and walkers alike.  Cloudy skies, cool spring morning… and the rain held out thank goodness!

Our team captain went around our department asking if we would like to join the Sun Run this year.  Twelve of us decided to participate including myself!   Part of the reason why I never participated is that there is a fee of $40-50 associated with this Sun Run.  Luckily, our company sponsored us this year!  It was nice to see my coworkers outside of work for the first time!  We all had our own fitness level and was supportive of each other.  We met up at Tim Hortons just before the race and took some pictures as a group.  

When the race started, everyone went at their own speed.  I’m happy to say everyone on our team finished under 1 hour 45 minutes!  Our top guy finished in at 52 minutes and our top gurl finished in at 1 hour!  I placed 5th overall on our team.

This is my first Sun Run!  I did not train for the Sun Run nor do I work out on a regular basis.  My fitness level was not up to par.  My left hip and my ankles were hurting with each running motion I took after a while.  I tried to keep up my pace with walking and jogging whenever I can.  I ended up finishing the race in 1 hour 19 minutes 58 seconds!  Placing 26,163 overall.