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2 Apr

My impatience on a upcoming stock CRUS cost me $260.85 in a loss.  I averaged down on CRUS the day before I sold it.  I had enough margin to buy AAPL, but I didn’t want to over extend myself.  So I took the bullet and sold CRUS.  If I had kept CRUS, my loss would have diminished by today.

By averaging down on TCK.B, I have a paper gain of $704.10.  I suppose this makes up for my loss, however, this gain is not realized.  A gain is not a gain till you have realized it. 

Commentary of my overall portfolio:

Overall, I traded seven times in the month to inject new life to my portfolio. 

1)  Starbucks broke through 200% gain!  I don’t need to worry about them at all.
2)  Boston Pizza has been climbing steadily in the past few months.  I think it will break through 100% gain!
3)  Great Quest Metal has lost its momentum in the past month.  Dropping a buck means a good value drop in my portfolio.
4)  ING Streetwise Growth Fund is the most boring.  Mainly due to the fact that it’s not a stock!  I used to contribute monthly to this RRSP fund, but it has not been impressive at all for the last while.
5)  BMO has been disspointing to me.  I’ve collected a few quarterly dividends, but their shares seems stagnant.  I had Royal Bank at the lower end before, if I had kept that instead, I’d be swimming in a sea of money!
6)  Just Energy Corporation has rebounded and has giving me a monthly gift of $62.00.  I averaged down two times with huges losses at hand.  I was patient with this one and has worked out to my advantage.
7)  Potash Corporation has given me a big heart ache.  I invested a lot into this stock and too much time into this dead beat stock.  I eventually came out with a loss of $319.80, but kept 100 shares in my RRSP for sentimental reasons.
8)  Keg Royalties Income Fund is a little gem I’ve bought when they were slumping.  Long ago, I was weighing in if I should buy Keg vs Boston Pizza.  Of course, Boston pizza wins to date.  However, it’s nice to add Keg to my portfolio as it gives me $8/month.
9)  Mastercard was a problem child at the beginning, but it has made a big turnaround.  I’m keeping this baby till it fully matures. 
10)  Inter Pipeline Fund is rescilient.  I’ve sold out a couple of times.  Mainly, I grew tired of playing it safe. When it comes down to it, it has slowly but steadily climbing up in price appreciation.
11)  TCK.B is a new stock for me.  I had a good gain in the first two days, but it started on a downward spiral.  I averaged down putting myself more into the red.  It has climbed its way out of the hole and giving me a bang for my buck!
12)  TransCanada Corp is a stock I bought due to a friend’s advice.  Let’s see if they are right.  But this is a good solid investment with good quarterly dividends.  I’ll sell when it reaches $60!!
13)  Chemtrade Logistics has been losing its momentum after the distribution.  Am I worried?  Yes!!  I have like 1090 shares at stake.  I need to forget about this stock and ride it out!
14)  Apple is a chance for me to redeem myself.  I’ve watched Apple and blogged about Apple earlier in this year.  Day after day, it has climb into its new 52 week high.  Maybe I got on the flight a little late, but I sure hope there’s plenty of room to make it go up towards $700!. 

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