Inner Look

10 Apr

What are my gains or losses?  What have I collected in distribution or dividends?

To be honest, I have no clue.  I have a rough estimate, but I’ve done a lot of deposits and withdrawals over the years that I have lost count.  I have not been keeping a good track record of my stock portfolio.  My first trading account was with TD Waterhouse, then I switched to BMO Investorline.  Those records are long gone.

Today, I decided to take an inner look at my stock portfolio.  I need to get down to the bottom of this.  So I dug up some older records from my current trading brokerages.  Currently, I have invested $86758.61 of my own money.  This is not an accurate count of all profits as I have withdrawn distributions/dividends out of my accounts for personal usage.

  • Scotia Margin:  $5983.86
  • QT Margin:  $19912.95
  • QT TFSA:  $20000.00
  • QT RRSP: $30650.00
  • ING Direct:  $10211.80



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