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Limit Sell: Sold out TCK.B!

12 Apr

This morning, I checked my stocks at Yahoo Finance App on my smartphone in bed.  Oh goodie, everything seems to be in the green, snooze…

I wasn’t alert enough to realize that TCK.B was on a steady climb heading upwards to my limit sell at $36.50.  By the time I got out of bed, it was too late to change my limit sell to a higher number for more profits!  I ended up realizing a profit of $631.15.  I could have made $200 more if I had changed my limit sell to $37.00!  Again, another missed opportunity!  But I am happy with my no emotion trade.  I had too much money riding on this stock along with a hefty margin side, I needed to sell this stock in a short amount of time.

Behind the Trade
March 23rd-  Bought 200 shares @ $35.29
March 28th-  Averaged down 200 shares @ $34.48
April 12th-  Sold 400 shares @ $36.50 (Sell Limit)
Length of Time-  13 trading days
Margin Used- $6,512.35 ($13.01 interest)
Profit:  $631.15-$13.01= $618.14