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Hello BMO again!

13 Apr

It’s Friday the 13th!

This morning, I wake up to see all red blinking across my portfolio.  Such a huge difference from the previous trading day.  Could this be an opportunity for me to buy something on the down low?  Since I have $8082.70 sitting in my Questrade Margin account, I decided to buy BMO!  I only bought 100 shares as a precaution if it sinks below my buy in price, then maybe I’ll pick up another 100 shares to average down.

April 27th is their ex-dividend date.  Payout is at 70 cents per share.  From observations, a dividend stock climbs a bit higher than normal before the ex-dividend date.  Reason being is that investors buy in near the dividend date to jump on board to collect their dividend.

April 13th
BMO:  100 shares @ $57.80

PS.  In my Questrade RRSP account, I hold BMO 100 shares @ $60.60.  A paper loss of $281.00.