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It ain’t so easy when you think about it…

19 Apr

Our lives revolve around five major factors:

  1. WORK:  It’s easier to slack off than to work hard.
  2. MONEY:  It’s easier to spend money than to save money.
  3. FOOD:  It’s easier to gain weight than to lose weight.
  4. HEALTH:  It’s easier to snooze than to get out of bed.
  5. RELATIONSHIPS:  It’s easier to fall in love than to fall out of love.

Averaging Down on Apple

19 Apr

Apple has been on a bumpy ride in the past week of trading sessions.  Some days it’ll drop and drop, and then some days it’ll pop right back up.  It’s a little disheartening watching it go from its 52 week high of $644 to a low of $577.00 of recent events.  My first buy in was at 20 shares @ $611.52.  So I decided it was time for me to average down on my Apple shares.  I am a bit tentative… not knowing which way it’ll go tomorrow.  So I just added 10 shares to see if I can climb out of the red hole again. 

Today’s Buy
AAPL-  10 shares @ $587 on Margin