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SOLD: TRP 200 Shares @ $44.15

24 Apr

 My realized gain on this trade is small, nevertheless, I walked away with a profit!   The reason for this trade was to reduce my margin amount in my Questrade account since I had average down on Apple which seems like a mistake for now.  TRP was bought  entirely on margin and it did not perform well in the past month that I have held onto it.  The resistant point is around $45.00 compared to their support of $42.00.  I bought this stock at the higher end and would like to take a profit before it dips back below my buy in price.

Summary of Trade:
March 23rd:  Bought 200 shares @ $43.65
April 24th:  Sold 200 shares @ $44.15
Length of Time-  33 days
Margin Used- $8734.95 ($35.54 interest)
Profit:  $90.10-$35.54= $54.56
Dividend:  $88.00