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SOLD: A Quarter of Mastercard at a Profit!

26 Apr

My sell limit for Mastercard was realized early this morning for 10 shares @ $450.00.  This is a $100 gain from my average price.  I sold a quarter of my shares to lock in my gains.  It’s always nice to walk away a winner.    So this time, I aimed for a price that I was comfortable with selling at and was able to meet it without much thought to it.

There have been several times this year where I stayed and lost out on paper gains.  Looks like I have made a mistake of selling out IPL.UN yesterday when I saw a big drop in mid-morning.  Today, it’s back up to $19.50 per share.

Trading Summary:
Date Bought: January 3, 2012- 10 shares $357.00
Date Sold:  April 26,2012- 10 shares $450.00
Profit: $922.58 with 25.82%