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Hello BMO again!

13 Apr

It’s Friday the 13th!

This morning, I wake up to see all red blinking across my portfolio.  Such a huge difference from the previous trading day.  Could this be an opportunity for me to buy something on the down low?  Since I have $8082.70 sitting in my Questrade Margin account, I decided to buy BMO!  I only bought 100 shares as a precaution if it sinks below my buy in price, then maybe I’ll pick up another 100 shares to average down.

April 27th is their ex-dividend date.  Payout is at 70 cents per share.  From observations, a dividend stock climbs a bit higher than normal before the ex-dividend date.  Reason being is that investors buy in near the dividend date to jump on board to collect their dividend.

April 13th
BMO:  100 shares @ $57.80

PS.  In my Questrade RRSP account, I hold BMO 100 shares @ $60.60.  A paper loss of $281.00.

Limit Sell: Sold out TCK.B!

12 Apr

This morning, I checked my stocks at Yahoo Finance App on my smartphone in bed.  Oh goodie, everything seems to be in the green, snooze…

I wasn’t alert enough to realize that TCK.B was on a steady climb heading upwards to my limit sell at $36.50.  By the time I got out of bed, it was too late to change my limit sell to a higher number for more profits!  I ended up realizing a profit of $631.15.  I could have made $200 more if I had changed my limit sell to $37.00!  Again, another missed opportunity!  But I am happy with my no emotion trade.  I had too much money riding on this stock along with a hefty margin side, I needed to sell this stock in a short amount of time.

Behind the Trade
March 23rd-  Bought 200 shares @ $35.29
March 28th-  Averaged down 200 shares @ $34.48
April 12th-  Sold 400 shares @ $36.50 (Sell Limit)
Length of Time-  13 trading days
Margin Used- $6,512.35 ($13.01 interest)
Profit:  $631.15-$13.01= $618.14

Inner Look

10 Apr

What are my gains or losses?  What have I collected in distribution or dividends?

To be honest, I have no clue.  I have a rough estimate, but I’ve done a lot of deposits and withdrawals over the years that I have lost count.  I have not been keeping a good track record of my stock portfolio.  My first trading account was with TD Waterhouse, then I switched to BMO Investorline.  Those records are long gone.

Today, I decided to take an inner look at my stock portfolio.  I need to get down to the bottom of this.  So I dug up some older records from my current trading brokerages.  Currently, I have invested $86758.61 of my own money.  This is not an accurate count of all profits as I have withdrawn distributions/dividends out of my accounts for personal usage.

  • Scotia Margin:  $5983.86
  • QT Margin:  $19912.95
  • QT TFSA:  $20000.00
  • QT RRSP: $30650.00
  • ING Direct:  $10211.80



Sold off my RSP ING Streetwise Growth Fund

10 Apr

Today, I sold off my RSP ING Streetwise Growth Fund at a realized gain of 9.99% for a total amount of $11,205 give or take.  I will be transferring this amount over to my QT RRSP account to add more live to my portfolio. 

Both my RRSP and TFSA accounts have suffered in the past few years due to my impatience.  Time for me to really re-evaluate my trading positions across the board.  Maybe, I need to start taking in my profits before the 52 week highs come crushing down such a fine example of today. 

Currently, I have thirteen positions within my stock portfolio.  I would like to decrease my number of holdings in my QT RRSP account.


Pennies Mistake

5 Apr

Reminiscing… Serious?  Seriously?  This is the first time I have actually tallied up my penny stock losses.  OK, I lost like $6467.37 by trading penny stocks between 2010-2011!!  I’m so undisciplined.   By not keeping  a steady track record of my gains/losses in previous years, it’s all becoming a blur.

What did I really gain by playing with risky penny stocks?  Only one prevailed while others fell flat on their faces.  Even my beloved GQ is stumbling these days due to rebels in Mali where our precious phosphate is being mined.  So really, I’m at a loss with my overall penny trading career.

NOT:  -$3519.99  I did not take my $900 profit off the table.
EPO:  -$1009.40  Never listen to thy brother.
UC:  -$1001.29  Kept on adding more shares and heartache into this dead gold mine.
BGEM:  -$596.79  100% gain, yet I was greedy to only end up with nothing.
RUN:  -$339.90  I have no idea why I bought into this one, wishful thinking?

This is a dark reminder for myself to not go to this destructive path again.  The risks I took was in over my head.  Goes to show that we can’t be right all the time.

Turning a Blind Eye

5 Apr

For the month of April, I plan to turn a blind eye to my budding stock babies that I had acquired end of March:  TCK.B, TRP, CHE.UN, AAPL.  I have built up my margin to $27,723.42 for these 4 particular stocks.  

In 2010, I took out loans to buy more stocks.  In 2011, I paid back all my loans to play it safe.  This year, I am taking on a bit more risk in order to hit my target of $120,000.

Story of my life, I’m going to take a back seat this month.  If I hit my target for TCK.B, I will sell for a profit.  Just going to wait for a green sunny day! 

Looks like TRP will take some time to blossom.  I’m not too sure if sitting on margin on this one is such a good idea.  I have collected their dividend thus far.

AAPL is a steady work horse.  Even though, I bought at its 52 week high.  It continues to amaze me how well they break through resistance.  I am definitely holding this one till I see weakness forming around its share price.

To be honest, I’m a little stressed with CHE.UN.  I had invested a lot of money into this one.  It’s been on a steady decline from its 52 week high.  I’m currently down 8.33% equaling $1505.73 smackaroos which is hard to swallow.  But I am seeking long-term distributions from this particular stock.  Of course, price appreciation in the stock will help out too.



2 Apr

My impatience on a upcoming stock CRUS cost me $260.85 in a loss.  I averaged down on CRUS the day before I sold it.  I had enough margin to buy AAPL, but I didn’t want to over extend myself.  So I took the bullet and sold CRUS.  If I had kept CRUS, my loss would have diminished by today.

By averaging down on TCK.B, I have a paper gain of $704.10.  I suppose this makes up for my loss, however, this gain is not realized.  A gain is not a gain till you have realized it. 

Commentary of my overall portfolio:

Overall, I traded seven times in the month to inject new life to my portfolio. 

1)  Starbucks broke through 200% gain!  I don’t need to worry about them at all.
2)  Boston Pizza has been climbing steadily in the past few months.  I think it will break through 100% gain!
3)  Great Quest Metal has lost its momentum in the past month.  Dropping a buck means a good value drop in my portfolio.
4)  ING Streetwise Growth Fund is the most boring.  Mainly due to the fact that it’s not a stock!  I used to contribute monthly to this RRSP fund, but it has not been impressive at all for the last while.
5)  BMO has been disspointing to me.  I’ve collected a few quarterly dividends, but their shares seems stagnant.  I had Royal Bank at the lower end before, if I had kept that instead, I’d be swimming in a sea of money!
6)  Just Energy Corporation has rebounded and has giving me a monthly gift of $62.00.  I averaged down two times with huges losses at hand.  I was patient with this one and has worked out to my advantage.
7)  Potash Corporation has given me a big heart ache.  I invested a lot into this stock and too much time into this dead beat stock.  I eventually came out with a loss of $319.80, but kept 100 shares in my RRSP for sentimental reasons.
8)  Keg Royalties Income Fund is a little gem I’ve bought when they were slumping.  Long ago, I was weighing in if I should buy Keg vs Boston Pizza.  Of course, Boston pizza wins to date.  However, it’s nice to add Keg to my portfolio as it gives me $8/month.
9)  Mastercard was a problem child at the beginning, but it has made a big turnaround.  I’m keeping this baby till it fully matures. 
10)  Inter Pipeline Fund is rescilient.  I’ve sold out a couple of times.  Mainly, I grew tired of playing it safe. When it comes down to it, it has slowly but steadily climbing up in price appreciation.
11)  TCK.B is a new stock for me.  I had a good gain in the first two days, but it started on a downward spiral.  I averaged down putting myself more into the red.  It has climbed its way out of the hole and giving me a bang for my buck!
12)  TransCanada Corp is a stock I bought due to a friend’s advice.  Let’s see if they are right.  But this is a good solid investment with good quarterly dividends.  I’ll sell when it reaches $60!!
13)  Chemtrade Logistics has been losing its momentum after the distribution.  Am I worried?  Yes!!  I have like 1090 shares at stake.  I need to forget about this stock and ride it out!
14)  Apple is a chance for me to redeem myself.  I’ve watched Apple and blogged about Apple earlier in this year.  Day after day, it has climb into its new 52 week high.  Maybe I got on the flight a little late, but I sure hope there’s plenty of room to make it go up towards $700!. 

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