Time for a Review

1 May

  1. Itrade Margin–  My three most profitable stocks are held here:  Starbucks; Boston Pizza; Great Quest Metals.  I don’t plan on selling them anytime soon, unless there is a dramatic price drop.
  2. Questrade Margin–  This is my most active and fun trading account.  Currently, I have a margin of $19,979.21 at risk here due to my recent buys of Apple.  Stocks have changed hands many times over here.
  3. Questrade TFSA–  Once again, I have dwindled my money away.  Impatience have done me wrong many times here.  Currently, I hold Chemtrade Logistics and a new darling purchase Canadian Oil Sands.  My promise is to hold Chemtrade Logistics as long as possible for their lucrative distribution of $85 per month.
  4. Questrade RRSP–  This is for the long haul.  At the moment, I have too many different stocks in there:  Bank of Montreal; Chemtrade Logistics; Inter Pipline Fund; Keg Royalties Income; Potash Corporation.  My goal is to get rid of BMO and POT at a gain to buy a stock or unit trust that has more growth potential.

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