Go Big or Go Home

3 May

Today is a bloody mess out there in the stock market.  I try to close my eyes to picture greener pastures in the near future.  I’m tired of buying bits and pieces of several companies only to see no reward.  Maybe it’s time for me to sell most of my stocks and concentrate on a few. 

However, seems like I’m just accumulating as per usual:

Shaw Communication is trading near its 52 week low.  This is a boring stock relatively safe I think, it does not move much in price.  However, they do pay out a monthly dividend of 8 cents per share.  Their dividend date is May 15th so I should be able to capture that along with some price appreciation leading up to the dividend.

BOUGHT:  SJR.B  500 @ $19.68 on Margin
BOUGHT: Averaged down on CLF 100 @ $60.39 on Margin

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