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Stupid Article from Globe and Mail

9 May

Here’s an article about how there will be a pullback on shares of Boston Pizza Fund:

OMG, Boston Pizza really did pull back today after this Globe and Mail article was published on May 8th!   Oh no, I’m going to sell, it’s going to drop like crazy!!  Do you hear the sarcasm as I type this out?

Yes, Boston Pizza is going to announce their earnings report after trading hours of today.  This may cause uncertainty for some investors.  They want to protect their capital or gains and pull their money out of Boston Pizza.

Boston Pizza has consistently paid out a distribution month after month.  It’s been relatively untouched by the events of the Greek Crisis.  Boston Pizza Fund was holding strong throughout the day above the $18.00 mark.  After this article was published at 2:03PM, Boston Pizza took a 50 cent drop!  As you can see in the chart below, this morning investors were panicking… selling as low as $15.61!  When I checked my stocks in the morning, EVERYTHING was red.  What really stood out was the big loss in Boston Pizza in the morning trading session.  As the day is progressing, the price of Boston Pizza is slowly creeping up again… at the time of writing this 2:56PM.

Updated Earnings Report:  Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund (TSX:BPF.UN). First-quarter ended March 31, 2012, net loss $6.9 million, net loss 47.8 cents per share; 2011, net income $2.95 million, 20.1 cents per share. Revenue: 2012, $7.52 million; 2011, $6.98 million.

I am dissapointed to see the net loss by Boston Pizza.  However, I’ll continue to monitor the price and momentum of the Boston Pizza before making any decisions. 

NOTE:  I currently have 200 shares since June 2009.