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Collecting from Stocks- June Recap

30 Jun

There wasn’t any trades in June except for one BUY transaction:  CHE.UN – 300 shares @ $14.60 in my Scotia Itrade Margin account.  Scotia Itrade recently updated its website look.  With this change, their commission based price jumped from $19.99 to $24.99 per trade for assets under $50,000.  I am not too happy, but I’ll still keep my account active with the stocks that I’m currently holding.  Maybe this is a good sign to encourage me not to trade as often.

For the month of June 2012, I’ve collected a total of $216.14 in distributions from my unit trusts:

BPF.UN: $19.60
CHE.UN: $151.00
IPL.UN: $37.54
KEG.UN:  $8.00

All of my unit trusts are making me money except for CHE.UN!  Yet, I have the biggest stake in this particular unit trust.  Yes, I made the mistake of buy it at the wrong time.  Now, I deal with the consequences of being impatient and wanting to get into the stock when my capital was available.  The one problem I have is never wanting any freed up money to be sitting in cash.  That’s my pet peeve.  So I always try to buy a stock or unit trust right away which can be disastrous.

Never buy at the top, I’ve been hit hard by Apple… but if you believe in the company, please HOLD instead of selling out like I did on Apple.  Usually, I am a true stickler, but I just snapped during that week when everything was crashing down day after day.  Frustration and fear took over me leading to my own demise now.  Stuck with losses up to my neck.  Climbing out of the red will  be hard, but if I just forget about it and let my distributions flow… I’ll be ahead by not selling anything at a loss.

Half a Year in Spendings!

29 Jun

Half a year has gone by without much success in accumulating much wealth on my part!  June expenses ate up all my paycheck for the month as I have surpassed over $2000 for the first time this year!  My decision to take the payroll course has definitely pushed me over the edge.  Lottery tickets took a small bite out of my savings as well. 

Monthly Spendings:
January- $1399.21
Febuary- $1470.50
March- $1654.63
April- $1804.18
May- $1105.88
June- $2008.06


20 Jun

Over a month ago, I sold off my positions in Apple and Cliff Natural Resources at a big loss.  Also, I let go of my winners like Mastercard and Starbucks to even out the playing field.  By selling those positions, I’ve loaded some unhealthy stocks into my portfolio like a penny stock which shall remain nameless and Google.  Those two stocks alone is giving me a paper loss of $4,000.  I will be stuck with these paper losses till it comes roaring back.  For now, I’m inactive in my portfolio.  It’s going into dormant stages.

SOLD @ May 17th VS If I had kept positions @ June 20:
APPL- $535 vs $585
CLF- $50.50 vs $52.55
MA- $406 vs $429
SBUX- $52.00 vs $55.55
COP- $51.60 vs $54.65 (I replaced COP for GOOG on May 21st)

My biggest mistake in this whole time is jumping in on GOOG instead of AAPL when Apple was showing signs of recovery at May 21st.  AAPL went up, GOOG went down.  All the while, I just hung on with the hopes it’ll follow in suit.  As you can tell, that never transpired. 

It’s been a while since I blogged about stocks.  I’m kind of mad at myself for selling out at the wrong time.  Now, I’m stuck with a big loss with not much room to maneuver.  Patience is key!  Never listen to others~


16 Jun

Wouldn’t it be great if I had the access to all the personal payroll files of each employee at a company?  So much information to keep me occupied for hours on end.  I’m such a snoop.  I would ask a friend straight up, “How much do you make?”  Some would open up and some would be a closed book.  Either way, I respect their response. I’ve managed to swindle out the numbers… I’m that sneaky!  Of course, I would keep things confidential between us.

That’s why I’ve enrolled myself in the CPA program to become a certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner!  By finishing this program, hopefully, I can eventually step into a payroll administrator position within my company or elsewhere.  It is within my line of work, I have experience in payroll as I currently handle a few companies from day to day paper work operations.

You can say I’m stuck in a place where nothing seem to be changing.  Yes, I am afraid of change.  In order to better myself, I need to put myself out there and work towards my goal instead of doing the same stuff over and over again.  My ultimate goal is to earn a higher salary so I can save at a faster rate to have financial freedom.





What’s for lunch at work? June 11-15th

12 Jun
  1. Monday- Bacon Cheeseburger at McDonald’s, $1.56.  I also had an oatmeal raisin cookie for a snack at work, free.
  2. Tuesday- Sesame Bagel with garlic & herb cream cheese, $0.40 + I would estimate the cream cheese to be at $0.15. Update:  I was hungry in late afternoon so I had a peanut butter cookie and coffee at work.
  3. Pre-plan for Wednesday– I’ll probably steal a couple of slices of bread from my parents tonight so I can make my salami sandwich!  I would estimate the salami at $0.45.  Update:  I got sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf from my parents for a heartier lunch!
  4. Pre-plan for Thursday–  Boil two eggs ($0.56) with garlic toast ($0.40).
  5. Pre-plan for Friday–  Canned tuna ($1.00) probably more stolen slices of bread from parents.

Oh goodie, looks like my lunch for the week is going to cost me less than $5.00!  WOOHOO!  I know I’m pretty budget.

Even though, I skip breakfast (I know it’s a bad start to the day, sometimes, I do drink a cup of milk with meal replacement powder), I still keep my lunches light.  Then, I’ll have a heavier dinner to last me the night.  I don’t tend to snack very often either.  However, if snacks are within my reach, I will be a munch monster!  One of my favorite snack is chips!  I can eat a whole bag in one sitting.  Once I start, I can’t stop!  I do try not to buy junk food too often.  Sometimes, I do give in and pig out from time to time.

News Feed

11 Jun

News Feed courtesy of Facebook for daily updates of your inner circle!  I must admit it, I’m a lurker of Facebook.  When I am bored either on my laptop or smartphone, I would check up on what my inner circle is up to!  Most of my friends on Facebook, I don’t really keep touch with really.  But I get a bird’s eye view on what they’re up to through their daily posts of pictures and comments!

Some friends love to share everything about themselves from posting every single picture that they took on a lavish vacation to typing out how they feel right at the moment.  I love going through food and vacation pictures, reading their little tidbits.  Yet sometimes, I get bummed out about myself.

How come I don’t go out to eat more often like they do?  How come I don’t capture the moments like they do?  How come they all look so happy in their pictures?  They must make a lot of money to be able to do all these activities.  They really do know how to enjoy their lives!

Why I can’t be more like them?  Maybe, it’s time to be more active and creative in my bubble sheltered life.  Time to create new set of goals and refocus my energy in having fun for once.  I think having fun for me is making more money though.  Can’t change old habits.  But I need to learn how to use money to my advantage in more ways than one.

When it boils down to it, I am envious of a lot of people who are better off than I am.  My laid back attitude will never get me far in life.  I need to be more assertive and ambitious with what I want in life.  To be honest, I hate change.  But a change in attitude towards everything can ultimately spring you up from the lows.



Second Round at Costco

6 Jun

My fridge is once again very bare of food!  Time for a Costco run, but this time, I just stocked up on mostly snacks:  Canned Oysters, Pita Bites, Beef Jerky and Mini Ritz Bites.  Shopping with other half has its disadvantages as he wanted this and that which totally brought the total to a higher level.  SIGH.  The only staple food I got was eggs, jam, and roasted chicken!!

For dinner, I got one whole roasted chicken to chow down for $7.49.  Alternatively, we were thinking of going to a nearby Swiss Chalet for takeout.  For two sets of smaller sized chicken including sides and signature sauce, this would have run us a tab of $20 and over.  So we saved a good $12.50 or more on our dinner instead!

We haven’t gone out to eat in a long time… since we moved in together.  Most of the time, I cook dinner for both of us or we go eat separately sometimes with family or friends.

Here’s the final bill at Costco:

Updates on Portfolio and Trades

1 Jun

Hey Folks,

Check out my updated posts in my Portfolio and Trades section.  I am not proud of myself in this month’s trading.  A ton of mistakes, risking too much money on margin… not that I ever got a margin call.  Impatience has certainly gotten the best of me again.  Just when I had enough and sell out of my holdings, the market springs back up… without hesitation, I ended up buying Google at $612.68 per share.  Only to watch it go down and down, while others were climbing and holding up at least.  I know Google is a reputable company, so this time, I will tough it out.

The month of May has certainly humbled me.  June is a prime example of how unforgiving the market has for retail investors.  All my previous paper gains were wiped out in a matter of a few days.  My one hope is relying heavily on my speculative penny stock which I have doubled my stakes in.  If the deal goes through, I’d redeem myself once again.  I’m young, I can risk it.

To stay on top of the market,  you need to always monitor your stocks.  Locking in your gains is always better than holding a loss.

On a lighter note, I finally made my first purchase on my new Capital One Aspire Cash Mastercard!  A couple of days ago, I went out with a few coworkers for lunch.  I ended up putting the whole tab on my card earning me 67 cents, and don’t forget their anniversary bonus of 0.5% which will come after one year!  With my first purchase, I get $100 cash bonus!  With $100 to burn, I decided to buy Hometown Heros Lottery.  It’s going to a good cause and I might get 1 in 390,000 chance of winning the grand prize.  I’ve bought a few of these charity lotteries before, I have yet to see any prizes come my way…