Second Round at Costco

6 Jun

My fridge is once again very bare of food!  Time for a Costco run, but this time, I just stocked up on mostly snacks:  Canned Oysters, Pita Bites, Beef Jerky and Mini Ritz Bites.  Shopping with other half has its disadvantages as he wanted this and that which totally brought the total to a higher level.  SIGH.  The only staple food I got was eggs, jam, and roasted chicken!!

For dinner, I got one whole roasted chicken to chow down for $7.49.  Alternatively, we were thinking of going to a nearby Swiss Chalet for takeout.  For two sets of smaller sized chicken including sides and signature sauce, this would have run us a tab of $20 and over.  So we saved a good $12.50 or more on our dinner instead!

We haven’t gone out to eat in a long time… since we moved in together.  Most of the time, I cook dinner for both of us or we go eat separately sometimes with family or friends.

Here’s the final bill at Costco:

2 Responses to “Second Round at Costco”

  1. Liquid June 7, 2012 at 2.33 #

    I was in that same Costco last week. Their hot dog plus drink for $1.50 is a bargain. Although not very healthy. It’s amazing how much salt is in fast food these days (゜o゜) Did you know that oysters have a reputation for being a natural aphrodisiac?

    • agentfang June 7, 2012 at 2.33 #

      Fast food is a guilty pleasure of mine. I actually wanted to get their hotdog+drink combo for dinner that night… but BF wasn’t too inclined for that. Oh he wanted the oysters… could he be hinting?

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